Why is cornstarch seasonal? Plus more ALDI holiday baking Finds

Why is cornstarch seasonal? Plus more ALDI holiday baking Finds

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I’ve never been able to figure out why corn starch is seasonal at ALDI, but was so glad to see it back on the shelf today! At just $.89 a box, be sure to stock up — not only for holiday cooking & baking, but for use throughout the year.

I use cornstarch in stir fries a lot, for instance. It helps thicken the sauce, and makes for a prettier presentation. If you have some left over after your holiday baking fun, it will come in handy in recipes like chicken thigh stir fry with asparagus or ground beef & broccoli stir fry.

Holiday baking Finds at ALDI

Baker's Corner melting wafers at ALDI

Beyond cornstarch, here are a few other ALDI seasonal baking special buys I spotted at my store today:

  • Baker’s Corner white or dark chocolate melting wafers 10 oz, $2.79
  • Betty Crocker cookie icing, $2.69
  • Betty Crocker writing icing or sugar decors, $2.49
  • Betty Crocker 6-in-1 holiday sprinkles jar, $2.99
  • Keebler mini graham cracker ready crust 6 ct pack, $1.97
  • Baker’s Corner graham cracker pie crust, $1.15
  • Baker’s Corner marshmallow creme 7 oz, $.89
  • Baker’s Corner vanilla or chocolate almond bark 24 oz, $2.69
  • Baker’s Corner apple pie filling, $1.55
  • Baker’s Corner 14 oz sweetened coconut flakes, $1.29
  • Cherry Man maraschino cherries 10 oz, $1.69
  • Belmont frozen deep dish pie crusts, $1.45
  • Southern Grove 10 oz roasted salted macadamia nuts, $8.99

Let me know what other holiday baking Finds you run across at your own store, too.

Where’s the pumpkin?

empty canned pumpkin shelf at ALDI

This has been the sad & empty state of the seasonal Baker’s Corner canned pumpkin shelf at my store for a while now. Never fear, though: We’re not really experiencing a canned pumpkin shortage this year. Apparently the current lack of product is largely due to weather and a delayed harvest, so you should be seeing cans of pumpkin puree back on the shelves soon.

Holiday baking price drops at ALDI

pie crust on sale at ALDI

Also look for holiday baking price drops throughout the store. I picked up a couple of refrigerated pie crusts today at $1.29 apiece, down from $1.65. And yes, you may detect a theme — I’m more likely to use these pre-made crusts for making hand pies or for baking up a quiche than for dessert pies, but holiday baking season benefits us all.

Other holiday baking price cuts I saw today include Baker’s Corner brown or powdered sugar for $1.49 (down from $1.69), as well as sales on various baking nuts. Hopefully, more to come!

And yes, I have been doing some actual baking this season. 🙂 I actually made this apple cider donut bundt cake last week, because it showed up in my Facebook feed and looked so good (using ALDI’s apple cider and unsweetened cinnamon applesauce). What have you been baking up?

What holiday baking Finds do you look forward to?

What holiday baking Finds or price drops do you tend to pick up at ALDI every year? I generally take the opportunity to restock my own baking supplies gradually as I make trips to ALDI throughout November and December, because some of these items will last a good long time. Why not pay less now, and continue to enjoy them long after the holiday season has passed.

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  • I wanted to buy shortening for my deep fryer. They also say that shortening is seasonal. Why? It’s used for more then baking Christmas cookies.

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