Who’s picking up an ALDI Quarter Keeper?

Who’s picking up an ALDI Quarter Keeper?

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ALDI quarter keepers are back in stores this past week! Look by the checkout lanes at your local ALDI to see if you can spot them for just $.99 each, and dig around if you don’t see them — at my store today, they were only on display in one lane and were half hidden by a bunch of granola bars.

To give you some idea of what these look like, above is my own ALDI keychain quarter holder from their last go-round in stores. I don’t actually use the quarter keeper as a keychain (because I don’t need any more bulk on my keys), but do leave it attached to my purse as a backup. This way, I always have an ALDI quarter handy even when the one I keep in my car cup holder mysteriously goes missing. (I blame the kids…)

ALDI has different quarter keeper designs on display this time, though. I’m kind of tempted by the avocado one, because I do love me some ALDI avocados. Maybe for my other purse. You know. Just in case.

Note: It’s really hard to get the quarter out of these the first couple of times, but persevere. They do loosen up over time!

Missed this round of ALDI quarter keepers?

If you miss this round of ALDI quarter holders in store — or if you want more options, less mass produced quarter keepers, or non-vinyl choices — you’ll want to check out the amazing variety of ALDI quarter keeper keychains available on Etsy, or a few in the “handmade” section on Amazon. There are some really cute leather ones available, and I have so much admiration for people who are crafty enough to design and make things like this.

Did you pick up an ALDI quarter keeper for yourself this week? Which design did you choose?

2 thoughts on “Who’s picking up an ALDI Quarter Keeper?”

  • I went to an Aldi’s tonight and ask where the quarter keepers were. The manger said they were ordered to pull them last month and would not be getting any more. Why? I love them.

    • They’ve been in and out of stores a couple of times with different designs, so may come back as a special buy again sometime in the future?

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