Vegetarian White Bean Wraps — could be an All ALDI Recipe

Vegetarian White Bean Wraps — could be an All ALDI Recipe

Who’s in the mood for an easy Meatless Monday recipe on this fine… Tuesday? Vegetarian White Bean Wraps take just 20 minutes to throw together on a busy spring or summer weeknight, and using pre-made guacamole is a nice time-saving shortcut.

I already told you my opinion of these special buy L’Oven Fresh protein wraps in this week’s ALDI Finds post — but suffice it to say, the next time I make these vegetarian wrap sandwiches, I’ll switch back to their regular spinach wraps. Despite the poor choice of wrap, though, these were darn tasty — the combination of fillings here more than compensated.

ALDI pre-made guacamole is always a good choice, and stretches nicely at $2.99 for two 8-oz packets. (Let me just say that I love the simple look of the new guac packaging, too!)

Pick up everything you need for this simple vegetarian white bean wraps recipe over at your local ALDI store, but just note that at some locations red wine vinegar may be seasonal.

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