Vegetarian Enchiladas Verdes — An Almost All ALDI Recipe!

Vegetarian Enchiladas Verdes — An Almost All ALDI Recipe!

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Let’s talk Meatless Monday for a minute with today’s vegetarian enchiladas verdes recipe — an almost all ALDI recipe with no beans! So full of flavor, and a great vegetarian dinner option.

And I do mean just barely almost all ALDI, since the only real non-ALDI component here is smoked paprika — which is a spice I always recommend having on hand in your pantry, because it adds just an amazing flavor to so many recipes. (Read on to see a few more seasonings I recommend, too.)

Of course, you can read and print the whole Vegetarian Enchiladas Verdes recipe over at Mashup Mom.

Make your recipes pop — stock your pantry with spices

ALDI’s prices on spices and seasonings are great, but they only stock the basics. Do look there for seasonal spices around the holidays, but also branch out and stock your pantry with a few other seasonings to help make your ALDI recipes really pop. Pick these up on places like Amazon, bulk bins at select grocery stores, or your favorite local produce store or ethnic market.

Just a few non-ALDI (or only seasonally ALDI) favorites that show up all the time in my recipes include:

I buy a lot of spices in larger jars or in bulk, rather than investing in the pricier per ounce small grocery store containers, too! What favorite spices do you always keep on hand?

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