Turn ALDI Receipts into Amazon gift cards with Fetch Rewards

Turn ALDI Receipts into Amazon gift cards with Fetch Rewards

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Last month I told you guys about ALDI now being a participating store on the Ibotta cash back app. Today, let me tell you about another cash back app I use that also accepts ALDI receipts: Fetch Rewards!

  • Use code NF3TH to sign up and receive 2000 bonus points after you scan in your first receipt, and here’s a little more about how the app works.

So, full disclosure: This is a somewhat slow process after the initial hook-you-in bonus receipt points rush. But, this is one cash back app I use all the time. I scan in receipts in batches while I’m watching TV, waiting for water to boil, or otherwise have a few minutes of down time.

Fetch Rewards starts you off well, with 2000 points when you sign up using someone’s referral code — such as my own NF3TH, which gets you two thirds of the way towards your first $3 Amazon gift card. (You can alternatively pick CVS, Target, or a number of other rewards.)

Fetch Rewards gives you bonus points for submitting receipts containing sponsoring brands or special offers, so you can earn faster when you submit those. Fetch does, however, give you 25 base points for any receipt, any store, any time.

You can scan up to 14 receipts in a rolling 7 day period, and receipts have to be scanned within 14 days of the checkout date.

I’d kind of forgotten about this app for a while, but recently rounded up a little stack of ALDI and gas station receipts I had around the house, scanned them all in, and got myself an Amazon gift card that day. (They’ll likely start you off with a bunch of bonus offers to help hook you in, such as the 750 point receipt scan bonus they gave me above. Once that fun is done, though, your base points run about 25 per receipt — with the occasional bonus offer thrown in, of course.) You need a minimum of 3000 points to cash out, and you’ll start out with 2000 with code NF3TH.

Why not get cash back for ALDI receipts, right?

Once I remembered how darn easy it is to do, I’ve been scanning in all my receipts to both Fetch and Ibotta while putting groceries away as soon as I get home from the store. Even though it’s slow, it’s free money for stuff I’m buying anyway — so why the heck not?

Want in? After you install Fetch Rewards, use code NF3TH for 2000 bonus sign up points!

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  • I still don’t understand how to redeem my points if I redeem them at the grocery store or just on the phone or print out like a an e-gift card I would really appreciate some information because I’m not understanding how to redeem my points

    • In the app, click “rewards” at the bottom. Then you can browse by points, category, or search. Select a gift card that matches the number of points you have, then at the bottom click “get my X$ reward” to redeem. You will get an electronic gift card (it also emails it to you) that you can then print out and bring to the store.

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