This Gorgeous Acacia Cutting Board: My favorite ALDI find this week!

This Gorgeous Acacia Cutting Board: My favorite ALDI find this week!

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What’s your favorite ALDI Find this week? Mine has to be this gorgeous Crofton Chef’s Collection Acacia chopping block / cutting board.

Did I actually need a new cutting board this week? No, no I did not. Did I actually intend to buy this? No… no I did not. But these run so much more elsewhere, and how beautiful will this be in the background of food photos when I’m making up new ALDI recipes over on sister site Mashup Mom. So, an ALDI acacia chopping block was my impulse buy of the week. I’ve done worse! 😉

The photos in the ALDI ad don’t do this acacia chopping block justice…

Seriously, how much prettier is this Crofton cutting board in person, too? I scrolled right past the photo in this week’s ALDI ad, but stopped dead as soon as I saw it in the Amazing Aisle of Random this week. Then… well…

It’s mine, all mine!

I poked around to see how much a similar chopping block would run me elsewhere, and even at Target, an acacia chopping block is well over twice as expensive. This makes me feel better about the purchase.

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to grab it while you can! Anyone else pick up one of these beauties this week? If not, what caught your eye among this week’s limited time special buys?

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