Ten great recipes using ALDI Bake House Creations Pie Crust

Ten great recipes using ALDI Bake House Creations Pie Crust

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The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived! I’m referring, of course, to baking season at ALDI — that glorious time when they bring out all of their seasonal baking items, and institute all of their holiday price reductions.

OK, I just added another one — ELEVEN great recipes, now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ALDI seasonal baking items kick off this week with one of my perennial favorites: Bake House Creations refrigerated pie crust. Not only is their pie crust back on the shelf just in time for holiday baking, it’s also on sale in this week’s ad for just $.99-$1.29, depending on area of the country. At this price, stock up — and, think beyond traditional pies to all sorts of other options. (The regular non-sale price on ALDI refrigerated pie crust at my store is $1.69, although this may vary by region.)

I like ALDI’s pie crust better than any of its name-brand refrigerated alternatives, so always wait for it to roll around in stores again each year. Then, dough in hand, I kind of go on a comfort food cooking spree…

Recipes with Bake House Creations pie crust from ALDI

Come along with me on this year’s spree, and we’ll get the ball rolling here with ten great recipe ideas for ALDI refrigerated pie crust.

ALDI pie crust quiche

It’s… so… fluffy! Quiche is always such a lovely brunch or dinner option, and it’s so very, very easy to bake. Get started with these four quiche recipe options:

Mix things up with whatever meats or veggies you have on hand, because it’s hard to go wrong with a quiche. (And, speaking of the holidays, leftover ham and asparagus quiche is a darn tasty way to make good use of leftover holiday ham.)

ALDI pie crust hand pies

Hand pie… hand pie… hand pie… do that crazy hand pie! You can’t go wrong with comfort food in the palm of your hand. Or, you know, you could use a fork: Whatever. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can make delicious hand pies with many different leftovers, but here are just a few recipe ideas for starters:

Ham hand pies are a great option for your holiday leftovers, and the chicken broccoli cheddar variation works just as well with leftover turkey.

ALDI pie crust pot pie

Take a break from more traditional chicken pot pies and check out this veggie-packed alternative: Vegetable pot pie with potatoes and mushrooms, anyone?

ALDI pie crust tarts

Let’s top everything off with a little dessert, shall we? You can, of course, use your Bake House Creations refrigerated pie crust to make… pie. Here, though, Middle School Buy threw together a batch of mini strawberry tarts of his own creations — way back when he was a younger Mr. 10.

Not a health food, but a comfort food

This is, of course refrigerated pie crust made with lard (which is probably why it tastes so good…). Think of your ALDI Bake House Creations pie crust as a great occasional comfort food shortcut — and get cooking! ALDI pie crust is the perfect choice for the holidays, or for a cold fall or winter’s day when you need a warming comfort food dinner.

What do you like to make with yours?

7 thoughts on “Ten great recipes using ALDI Bake House Creations Pie Crust”

  • I make what I call pie tarts, usually filled with apples, cherries or blueberries and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. They look just like your hand pies. They are a must on my husband’s hunting trips. His hunting buddies ask for them. Yummy and easy.

  • They never cook. Whatever the filling is gets done but the crust never cooks. The crust is raw when evwrtbibg inside is one. Don’t buy them.

  • I just discovered these and took a chance on them for Peacan pie. They were EXCELLENT. Pie crust turned out terrific and saved a ton of time! Flaky and cooked perfect. I’m using them today for turkey turnovers!

  • I usually make my own pie crust but thought I’d save some time by using the Aldi pie crusts. Very disappointing and completely ruined the pies. The crust tastes like it’s made with old beef fat. Will never buy these again.

    • I agree just made peach pie and had to throw whole thing out, the putrid smell whole cooking is the same way it tastes.

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