Stop trying to sabotage me, ALDI! And, what did YOU find on clearance lately?

Stop trying to sabotage me, ALDI! And, what did YOU find on clearance lately?

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So I ran through ALDI today specifically just to look for the cold brew coffee maker (score — and an update; here’s my review of the Crofton Cold Brew Coffee System!). But, somehow, I also came home with a treasure trove of ALDI clearance items. Red stickers all over my store today, but the first aisle is of course always the hardest.

ALDI Bakery clearance is the worst (or, I guess: the best)

clearance tags on ALDI bakery items

That’s because the first aisle is, of course, the home of the infamous ALDI bakery clearance gauntlet! Today was a very bad day to spot red clearance stickers all over the bakery items ($.99 donut holes, you guys…), because I’m trying to get back on track with avoiding added sugar. I clearly don’t need a pack of donut holes or cinnamon rolls in my life right now just because they happen to be cheap, but the clearance stickers somehow make them just that much harder to resist.

Is this just me, or do you have a hard time resisting the bakery clearance items as well?

So what did I get on ALDI clearance today?

clearance willow ultra strong tp at aldi

I did grab a big pack of Willow ultra strong TP on clearance today, because at $9.99 it came out to just 10.4 cents per single roll equivalent. This brand isn’t bad at all (and, if nothing else, it can always go back to school with High School Guy for his dorm room in the fall).

clearance pot pie at aldi

Speaking of the kids, I also picked up two half-price refrigerated chicken pot pies for them to have for dinner in a couple of days when they’re both home from school for the summer. This isn’t the sort of thing I usually buy, but Middle School Guy is such a huge pot pie fan — so, I figured at $5.00 for both, it was worth treating them.

More clearance items I grabbed for the kids this week: A 16 pack of single serve Late July/Kettle chips for $3.99, breakfast bagels for $.99, a box of organic mac & cheese for $.49, and peanut butter protein granola at just $1.49. Then also picked up one half price pack of chicken tenders, although all sorts of chicken was stickered today. (Middle School Guy has been asking for these bacon wrapped chicken cheddar pinwheels again, and I already have bacon in the freezer, so another easy summer dinner down!)

Clearance, clearance, everywhere the clearance

clearance finds at ALDI

Whenever I spot clearance stickers right through the door like this at ALDI, I try to quickly walk the aisles to look for more — my store seems often to do a big clearance purge all at once, so there’s a good chance any clearance stickers on non-meat items will bode well for additional sales.

Be sure to always check the Amazing Aisle of Random for clearance stickers, too, because they need to keep stuff moving out constantly to make room for the next week’s new ALDI Finds. Mine today sported half price clearance tags on some of their Mother’s Day Finds from earlier this month, as well as some gardening, camping, and food items.

What have you found on clearance at ALDI lately?

Have you picked up anything especially awesome on clearance at your own local ALDI recently? Share your finds, too! I’d love to hear what you have spotted at your own stores, and what you find hard to resist. 🙂

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