Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken — An All ALDI Recipe using their whole peeled garlic cloves!

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken — An All ALDI Recipe using their whole peeled garlic cloves!

Hey, so remember I told you recently about impulse buying a little bag of refrigerated peeled whole garlic cloves over at ALDI? These are pricier than buying the regular three pack of garlic heads, but the whole cloves are grown in the U.S. rather than China. They’re also soooo convenient, you guys — especially in recipes like today’s Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken with Asparagus and Mushrooms.

Sometimes when you’re saving on the bulk of your ingredients, it’s really worth it to spend a little more on a couple of specialty or convenience items to help your recipes pop. This week asparagus is seasonally on sale, so it of course features in this all-in-one sheet pan chicken dinner that you’ll see in this week’s ALDI Meal Plan!

I sometimes hear people say that their kids won’t eat asparagus. Try introducing it in a recipe like this with a lot of garlicky + Parmesan flavor (where it’s also easy to pick the asparagus out if they really won’t go for it). Since my kids have grown up eating asparagus, they now don’t see it as anything unusual — and it’s now one of Middle School Guy’s favorite vegetables because… well, OK, it’s honestly because he’s a middle school boy and it “makes his pee smell funny.” Whatever works, right?

But we tend to set up this arbitrary lines between “kid” and “adult” veggies for no good reason — any veggie is a “kid” veggie, and introducing a variety of vegetables to your kids from the beginning helps reduce the chance that they’ll continue limiting their diets to the mundane and the familiar as adults.

Find a few more asparagus recipe ideas in this week’s ALDI Finds roundup, too.

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken has all the good garlicky flavor

Pick up everything you need for this easy sheet pan chicken dinner recipe over at your local ALDI! I used baby bella mushrooms in mine for more depth of flavor, but go ahead and substitute regular white mushrooms if that’s what you have on hand.

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