Seven recipes using ALDI Never Any! Chicken Sausage

Seven recipes using ALDI Never Any! Chicken Sausage

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Who doesn’t love ALDI’s Never Any! chicken sausage? If you haven’t yet tried it (or even if you have), pick one of these seven recipe options and see what you think — it’s so good!

The chicken in these fully cooked sausages is raised with:

  • No antibiotics, added hormones, or steroids (note: federal regulations do prohibit the use of hormones and steroids in poultry)
  • A 100% vegetarian diet; no animal by-products

The sausages themselves contain no added nitrates or nitrites, no added salt, and no preservatives, and are lower in fat and calories than pork-based fully cooked sausage.

What flavors does ALDI Never Any! chicken sausage come in? Well, my store generally carries apple, mild Italian, spinach & feta, and tomato basil Never Any! chicken sausage as a regular buy. You’ll also occasionally find different limited time varieties (such as cranberry or chipotle) as a special buy ALDI Find.

How do you cook your Never Any! chicken sausage from ALDI? Well, I’m so glad  you asked: Here are seven Never Any! chicken sausage recipes to get you started.

Seven Recipes with ALDI Never Any! Chicken sausage

chicken sausage artichoke pasta

A tangy twist on pasta night, this simple chicken sausage & artichoke pasta recipe is a feast for both your eyes and your taste buds.

cheesy sausage rice and spinach skillet on a plate with corn

It’s a one-pan comfort food weeknight dinner recipe, but this naturally gluten free cheesy sausage, rice, and spinach skillet is also great for meal prep — just package it out in lunch-sized portions for reheating throughout the week!

chicken sausage dinner salad with avocado pepperoncini dressing

This simple, satisfying, and naturally gluten free chicken sausage dinner salad takes just 25 minutes to throw together on a busy weeknight, including its homemade from scratch (and beautifully tangy) avocado pepperoncini dressing.

chopped tomato mozzarella salad with chicken sausage

And here’s another dinner salad option: Try this easy and fresh chopped tomato mozzarella salad with chicken sausage on a hot summer’s night, when you don’t feel like cooking a heavy meal.

sausage, peppers, and onions frittata with garlic herb goat cheese

A perennial favorite, this sausage, peppers, and onions frittata with garlic herb goat cheese is the ultimate comfort food. Just jam-packed with savory flavor, it’s the perfect pick for a cold fall or winter’s day.

smashed potatoes with sausage, peppers, and onions

A different twist on your basic sausage & peppers skillet, try smashed potatoes with sausage, peppers, and onions. You can never, ever go wrong with these little potatoes!

sausage & peppers chipotle flatbread pizza

One last variation on sausage & peppers (and since you also can’t go wrong with ALDI goat cheese): Sausage & pepper chipotle flatbread pizza is an easy 30 minute weeknight dinner idea — with just a little kick from the spicy chipotles, and just a little tang from the fresh goat cheese.

Never any, or almost always?

seven ALDI Never Any! Chicken Sausage recipes from almost all aldi

I try always to keep a pack or two of these ALDI chicken sausages on hand for quick dinners. If these recipes aren’t speaking to you, you can also try Never Any! chicken sausages grilled, on a bun, in your scrambled eggs, with pierogies, and more… What’s your own favorite way to enjoy them?

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