SerendipiTable — And what have YOU found on ALDI Clearance lately?

SerendipiTable — And what have YOU found on ALDI Clearance lately?

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It’s been an interesting couple weeks over here in many ways, but here’s one thing that happened: I decided to turn our crumbling back patio into a gravel patio. Among other reasons for this little home improvement project, a couple of kids had tripped over the rebar that had started to stick out from the concrete pavers, and water was pooling in a low spot by the house whenever it rained.

After watching a couple of YouTube videos, this seemed like something I could save money on by doing myself. Countless bags of pea gravel and endless trips to Home Depot later… Success!

shattered glass patio table

It was then, though, that I made just one teeny tiny crucial error: Tired from hauling and dumping gravel, I asked the boys to help out by putting the umbrella back into the patio table. In case you’ve ever wondered which would emerge victorious in an umbrella vs. glass table top match? It’s really no contest.

Among family activities I don’t recommend, picking pieces of safety glass out of gravel is now pretty much near the top of the list.

Enter: The Gardenline Mosaic Table

gardenline mosaic bistro table

Now we’re at mid-June, and I found myself unexpectedly patio table-less. But then, as I was walking through ALDI on Sunday, what did I spy with my little eye? This cute Gardenline Mosaic Bistro Table, on clearance for just $19.99!

boy carrying a table

This table is indeed quite small. This is my 12 year old carrying it back to the patio here (and, he’d also like you all to know that he put the legs on it all by himself!). But, it’s also pretty, sturdy, and plenty big enough for a couple of chairs — or three, if you’re cozy. Right now this (plus a junky old plastic round table) are gracing my back patio — and, given that my next house and patio will likely be smaller, they’ll do nicely enough for the time being.

ALDI: It knows what you need.

What have you found on ALDI Clearance lately?

Have you picked up anything especially awesome on clearance at your own local ALDI recently? Share your finds, too! I’d love to hear what you have spotted at your own stores, and what type of clearance you find hard to resist.

1 thought on “SerendipiTable — And what have YOU found on ALDI Clearance lately?”

  • Over the last week, I’ve found rocking chairs ($9)
    The same table in your article ($11)
    Wind Spinners ($10) and a potting bench ($11)
    Love Aldi!!

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