Seasonal Fall Finds at ALDI, 2021

Seasonal Fall Finds at ALDI, 2021

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I know… I’m so sorry… Yes, it’s still August, but seasonal Fall Finds are already creeping back onto the shelf at ALDI! (To be fair, it’s not just them: I was in Costco last week and they were leaning full on into Halloween…) Here are a few things I spotted on shelf yesterday in my store.


Do let me know what fall faves you Find at yours. Or, what fall Finds are you looking forward to again this year?

holiday creamers at aldi

To start with, don’t ALDI’s Friendly Farms pumpkin spice and maple whipped toppings look delicious? $2.89 per can for these holiday inspired whipped dairy toppings. Also in the dairy section, look for Barissimo holiday inspired creamers in flavors like pumpkin spice. These will run you $2.39 (or $2.45) per 32 oz bottle.

It’s Fall, Y’All!

apple cider donuts at aldi

Then, can you GET more Fall in your Finds than with apple cider donuts? $2.99 for a pack of six, and these were up on the endcaps by the checkouts at my store.

pumpkin cake rolls at aldi

Fall challenge accepted, I guess! I spotted these Bake Shop pumpkin cake rolls in the refrigerated section, at $4.29 per cake. If you’re just looking for Bake Shop pumpkin sliced loaf cake, though, that runs $3.29 in the bakery section.

pumpkin pie at aldi

If you can never get enough pumpkin… $3.49 is a nice price for a full size 24 oz Bake Shop pumpkin pie, which were also available by the checkouts at my store. Although, if you’re less of a pumpkin fan, that $3.49 will instead get you a seasonal, full size, 24 oz Bake Shop Dutch apple or cherry pie.

habanero cheddar at aldi

Moving away from the sweet, who else is is sooo looking forward to sampling ALDI’s traditionally vast array of holiday cheeses this year? Here’s a sneak peek into that near future, with 8 oz Cabot seriously sharp or wickedly habanero cheddar for $3.49.

broccoli bake at aldi

And while we’re feeling savory: Head to the freezer section to pick up 24 oz Season’s Choice broccoli cheese or cauliflower cheese bake, $3.99 apiece.

These are just a few of the seasonal Finds I spotted this week, so do let me know what you start Finding on the shelf at your own ALDI store!

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