Say CHEESE — it’s ALDI Charcuterie Board Season!

Say CHEESE — it’s ALDI Charcuterie Board Season!

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Say cheese, everyone! ‘Tis the season for all things cheese board and charcuterie board, and ALDI’s game here is particularly strong. They’ve been stepping it up every year with an amazing selection of affordable — yet interesting — seasonal meats and cheeses. Now that we’re settling into November, it’s time to start browsing for goodies to add to your own holiday charcuterie boards.

What’s a Charcuterie board?

What’s a charcuterie board, you may ask? Simply put: A charcuterie board lays out a selection of smoked or cured meats, paired with a variety of cheeses. They’ll often also contain accompanying crackers, fruits, nuts, and more.

Behold one example below: An all-ALDI charcuterie board I threw together a couple of years ago (right down to the slate boards). This one is actually on the smaller side; charcuterie boards can be quite grand, and are an impressive addition to any holiday gathering. 

But on the plus side: Charcuterie boards are just so, so easy! You don’t need to cook. You don’t need to bake. You don’t need to work away over a hot stove all day. The most work you might have to do is… slice.

Watch for slate boards, marble boards, and pretty wooden cutting boards to appear as ALDI special buys over the next few weeks and think about how best to use these to display your own holiday spreads.

How to make your own all ALDI charcuterie board

All you need to do to create your own ALDI charcuterie board is to walk through the store and pick up various cheeses, meats, and a few assorted side yummies like olives, nuts, and crackers. Add a little something sweet, then arrange everything all pretty. Boom! A huge impact, for very little effort.

Your biggest issue will probably just be narrowing down the selection — because it all looks so, so good. The photos here are all of products I spotted at my own store this week, and ALDI will be adding new seasonal cheeses and more right up through the holidays.

Charcuterie board tips and tricks

When assembling your own charcuterie board, do try to balance things out. Pick up cheeses both mild and strong, soft and hard cheeses, flavored and plain cheeses.

Once you have your cheese selections down, think about what meats might pair well with these. Add something salty and something sweet; provide crackers to pair with the various cheeses; balance things out with seasonal fruit.

Think about balancing out your ALDI charcuterie board visually with foods of different heights and colors. Add small dishes to break it up and to divide flavors.

Provide anything your guests will need to enjoy your charcuterie board: Knives to cut and spread the cheese, little plates and napkins appropriate to these types of finger foods, wine and non-alcoholic beverage selections to wash it down.

What’s on your ALDI charcuterie board?

Are you waiting for the return of a favorite seasonal cheese or charcuterie accoutrement? What are you adding to your own ALDI charcuterie this year?

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