Sales I’m looking forward to at ALDI this week of 2/6/19 (2/3 in Sunday ad markets)

Sales I’m looking forward to at ALDI this week of 2/6/19 (2/3 in Sunday ad markets)

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Here are just a few highlights of some of the sales I’m looking forward to at ALDI this week! These start Weds. 2/6/19 in my neck of the woods, but began yesterday 2/3/19 in Sunday ad markets. Not sure what market you’re in? Pop by the ALDI website and find your local store, then look at your weekly ALDI ad for the start date (and to see any regional differences in pricing).

Stores sometimes put these products out early, so I popped by mine this morning to see what I could spot. Middle School Guy is quite pleased with the Moo Tubes ($1.79) — I don’t generally buy the name brand ones, but do pick up watermelon/cherry Moo Tubes yogurt tubes a couple times a year when they show up at ALDI because he’s a huge fan of watermelon. He already ate one as an after school snack, and popped a couple in the freezer for school lunches later this week.

Speaking of school lunches — well, actually not, because ours is peanut free. But for home lunches, $3.19 for 40 oz peanut butter is pretty darn cheap, and worth picking up a couple of jars if you regularly use it. (That’s the equivalent of $1.28 per normal smaller 16 oz jar.)

ALDI also runs sales every year for Chinese New Year, and a few of this week’s highlights include:

  • 16 oz Season’s Choice frozen edamame for $1.89 — GREAT price; I just got some at $2.69 on sale at another local grocery store.
  • 8.1-8.4 oz Stonemill minced garlic (roasted, with ginger, or chili garlic) — the roasted garlic is so good!
  • Fusia California or Spicy Surimi rolls, $3.29 — these, I haven’t tried, but I’m assuming they’ll be similar to other grocery store refrigerated sushi.
  • Fusia pork or chicken pot stickers, $2.99. Anyone tried these? I’m curious, but not sure if they’re worth the $2.99.
  • 16.9 oz Carlini toasted sesame oil, $5.99. You should have sesame oil in your cupboard, and a little bit goes such a long way that this bottle will last you forever.
  • Fusia kung pao chicken or veggie mini egg rolls, $1.99. These, I also haven’t tried, but am curious.

Which of these are you planning to pick up this week?

And just for fun… earlier this week I told you about ALDI’s heart shaped cheese for Valentine’s Day. Well, this week’s cheesy fun turns to Happy Farms Preferred ’80s songs cheese?! Choose from cheeses ranging from Total Eclipse of the Havarti to Sweet Cheddar of Mine to Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina… seriously! These would make such a fun themed cheese board, or incorporate them into a gift basket for a child of the 80s.

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  • I have tried the egg rolls and they are very good. I am looking forward to the stir fry vegetables. Last year I stocked up on them since they don’t have them all the time. Perfect with chicken and or shrimp.

  • I made the stir fried veggies with the shrimp and crab ravioli served with saffron cream sauce. Delicious. Thank you so much for this blog and your website. I love both!

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