Round 3! Seasonal Fall Finds at ALDI, 2021

Round 3! Seasonal Fall Finds at ALDI, 2021

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I swear, ALDI Fall Finds are multiplying before our eyes! I will note, though, that my store had these slow cooker liners out last week at $1.49… then this week, they had been moved to a seasonal Finds tag and are up to $1.59. Still a good price for these, though, if you’re a fan.

Beyond slow cooking, though: Many MORE Fall Finds to Find in store right now. For more great seasonal options, also be sure to check out:

As well as the weekly advertised seasonal special buys in my weekly ALDI Finds roundups.

More ALDI Fall Finds every week

So, let’s dive on in, shall we? My ALDI had just started stocking this Fall Favorites endcap yesterday, but carries way more seasonal Finds than could fit on just these few shelves. Keep your eyes open throughout the store.

Holiday baking Finds at ALDI

corn starch at aldi

Holiday baking Finds continue to creep back onto the shelves, and some of these are worth picking up to cook with year round. Corn starch, for instance, is fantastic for thickening up stir fry sauce and adding a lovely shine — and $.89 is a good price for this 1 lb box! Try using yours in easy weeknight dinners such as 20 minute ground beef & broccoli stir fry and my chicken thigh stir fry with asparagus.

almond bark at aldi

And then, there’s chocolate. Baker’s Corner chocolate or vanilla almond bark is back, at $2.69 per 24 oz package. Next to it, also look for 10 oz Baker’s Corner white or dark melting wafers for $2.79 a pack.

premium brownie mix at aldi

And, speaking of chocolate… these Specially Selected premium brownie mixes are so good, and I’m glad to see them back for the season at $1.69 each. (Try the salted caramel!)

coconut flakes at aldi

$1.29 is a good price for coconut flakes. Note that ALDI only carries sweetened coconut, though, not the unsweetened flakes. Other baking Finds include:

  • 7 oz Baker’s Corner marshmallow creme, $.89
  • 4 pack Keebler mini graham ready crust, $1.97
  • Belmont deep dish pie crusts (frozen), $1.35
  • Crisco baking sticks (3 pack), $4.12
  • Baker’s Corner apple cinnamon or banana quick bread & muffin mix, $1.79

Who else is itching to get baking now?

gluten free cheddar biscuits

And something for the gluten free folks, too! Look for liveGfree gluten free cheddar biscuit or cornbread mix, $2.29 a box.

Holiday cooking & mealtime Finds at ALDI

organic chicken broth at aldi

I’m so glad these big 48 oz boxes of Simply Nature organic chicken broth are back! At $2.19 each, they’re a much better deal than the 32 oz boxes at $1.89. (And if you have extra broth out of the box left over after making a pot of soup, it freezes really well.)

bouillon at aldi

Other soup-ish Finds include Chef’s Cupboard beef or chicken bouillon cubes, $1.65 for 3.25 oz, and Simply Nature organic roasted red pepper tomato or butternut squash soup cartons, $1.99 for 17 oz.

french fried onions

Also back, Chef’s Cupboard French fried onions ($2.25 per 6 oz can). In addition to the slow cooker liners already mentioned, other seasonal mealtime Finds include:

  • Chef’s Cupboard chicken coating mix, $1.19
  • Idahoan flavored mashed potato pouches, $.99
  • Happy Harvest 29 oz canned yams, $1.65
  • L’Oven Fresh pumpkin spice or harvest bagels, $1.99
  • Stonemill gravy mix packets, $.45
  • Boulder oval foil roaster pan, $.95
  • Boulder 2 pack utility foil pan with lid, $2.19

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to grab those foil pans; they sold out before the holiday at my store last year!

Refrigerated seasonal Finds at ALDI

pumpkin spice and salted caramel cream cheese

Let’s more over to the refrigerated section, shall we? Happy Farms salted caramel and pumpkin spice cream cheese spreads are back this year, at $2.29 per 8 oz container. Look also for:

  • Chobani holiday oat creamer 32 oz, $3.49
  • Priano butternut squash or pumpkin sage ravioli, $2.79
  • Califia holiday inspired cold brew coffee with almondmilk 48 oz, $4.49

And let’s not forget the cheeses!

cranberry cheddar at aldi

Get your charcuterie boards ready, everyone, because ALDI is starting to bring back its infamous seasonal cheeses for the year. Confession time: It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but the cheeses have a special place in my heart (and belly) every year.

pizza and rose cheese

I mean… Leaning Tower of Chee-sa? ANYway, A few seasonal cheeses that I just spotted in store include:

  • Emporium Selection smoked cheddar and scorpion gouda assortment, $3.49
  • Emporium Selection gourmet cheese spreads, $2.99
  • Emporium Selection cranberry white cheddar cheese, $2.99
  • Carr Valley artisan cheese assortment, $3.89
  • Emporium Selection assorted artisinal fontina, $3.39
  • Emporium Selection artisan flavored cheese assortment, $3.49

This is just the tip of the cheese iceberg; expect a lot more to be showing up in store over the next couple of months.

gourmet cheese spread

Those Emporium Selection cheese spreads, by the way, are also great for cooking: Try yours in this easy potato soup with spinach (and lots of bacon), for instance.

Fall snacks and desserts

maple leaf cookies

If you don’t feel like baking your own treats (or want to supplement!), ALDI has you covered here as well. Benton’s Maple Leaf creme cookies are back again this year, at $2.49 a box. Also look for Clancy’s original or cinnamon apple chips, $1.89, and Bake Shop pecan pie, $5.29

Frozen seasonal Finds

brussels sprouts with bacon

I only saw a couple new Frozen Finds this week, but look for these Specially Selected Brussels sprouts with balsamic glazed bacon on your next trip ($3.99), as well as a Belmont winter seasonal ice cream assortment at $2.89 per 48 oz container.

Seasonal drinks at ALDI

halloween wine at aldi

Halloween wine, anyone? Look for Jacob Einig Halloween sweet bloody red, $5.99 at stores that sell alcohol. Other seasonal spirits (get it? lol) include Connelly’s apple pie country cream, $8.99.

What ALDI Fall Finds are you picking up?

That’s about it for this week’s ALDI Fall Finds, but be sure also to check out:

What Fall Finds are you picking up this week?

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