Round 2: Seasonal Fall Finds at ALDI, 2021

Round 2: Seasonal Fall Finds at ALDI, 2021

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Hey! Let’s not squash your dreams of finding Fall faves at ALDI, starting with seasonal fall squash at $.99/lb. (Choose from acorn, butternut, or spaghetti squash at this price; hopefully we’ll see a better sale on these soon).

Beyond seasonal squash, I was at ALDI today and spotted even more seasonal Fall Finds than were out on the shelf last week. Here’s the latest rundown, and, as always: Let me know what Fall Fave Finds you spot at your own store, as well as what Fall Finds you’re looking forward to this year.

butternut squash and kale pasta

Oh, and: Need a few new recipe ideas for your fall squash? Try one of these.

More Fall Finds?

New Fall Finds every week, so be sure to see also:

What are you picking up?!

ALDI Fall Finds, September 2021

canned pumpkin at aldi

Let’s start with one of everyone’s favorites: Baker’s Corner 100% pure canned pumpkin at $.85 a can. Last year we saw a canned pumpkin shortage, but this year seems more promising: My store was fully stocked today. You can also look for Baker’s Corner 30 oz pumpkin pie mix, $2.29 a can.

More pantry Fall Finds

corn syrup at aldi

In addition to canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie filling, Find more fall favorites for your pantry throughout the store. More seasonal baking items are out, too, and here’s what I saw today:

  • 32 oz Baker’s Corner light corn syrup, $3.49
  • Baker’s Corner corn starch, $.89
  • Cherry Man maraschino cherries, $1.69
  • Baker’s Corner apple pie filling, $1.59

We should see more baking Finds and sales popping up very soon!

pumpkin spice coffee at aldi

Heart-and-body warming fall drinks are also creeping back onto the shelves. Look for Barissimo pumpkin spice or maple flavored coffee: $3.49 for 12 ct K-Cups, and $3.29 for 12 oz ground coffee.

cocoa mix and cocoa k-cups

On a more chocolate-y note: Beaumont 8 ct hot cocoa mix is $1.49, and Beaumont 12 ct cocoa K-Cups will run you $3.89.

boulder slow cooker liners

I also spotted 4 ct Boulder slow cooker liners at $1.49. (These don’t sport a seasonal tag, but I’m pretty sure they’re not always out at my store…)

Update: A week later these now have a new seasonal tag at my store and are $.10 more, at $1.59. 🙁

Refrigerated Fall Finds

caramel chocolate cookie dough at aldi

Moving over to the refrigerated section (and speaking of chocolate-y notes…), of course we have to start with Bake House Creations sea salt caramel chocolate chunk cookie dough ($2.89 a package). I first made these a couple years ago (see my review!), and felt compelled to pick up a pack today to bring to a Labor Day BBQ tomorrow.

stok pumpkin cold brew at aldi

And are you SToKed for pumpkin cold brew coffee? $4.42 per 48 oz bottle.

aldi apple cider

Feeling more apple-ish? 52 oz Nature’s Nectar apple cider is also back in store, at $2.89 a container. (Or look for the 128 oz jugs of apple cider, $3.75. At my store, the big jugs were in the refrigerated section by produce; the 52 oz bottles were by the refrigerated OJ.)

Fall Finds in the produce section

affy tapples at aldi

Beyond fall squash, look for more seasonal Finds in the produce section. Three packs of Affy Tapple caramel apples are $2.59 (but wait to buy these, they do go tend to go on sale for $.99-$1.49).

caramel dip at aldi

Caramel dip is also back out; but my store didn’t have price tags up yet.

Again, these are just a few seasonal Finds I spotted this first week of September 2021. Let me know what you start Finding on the shelf at your own ALDI! Is it starting to feel like fall?

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