Roasted Carrots with Butter & Thyme, an all ALDI recipe

Roasted Carrots with Butter & Thyme, an all ALDI recipe

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Hey hey! In my blogging anniversary giveaways a couple of weeks ago, many of you had asked for more recipes for simple side dishes. I hear you: So, how about a recipe for roasted Carrots Need Butter & Thyme to kick those off? Because I had a bag of baby carrots on hand, of course. 🙂

You get so much flavor here with just a very few simple ingredients, and it’s just too easy to throw a pan of carrots in to roast while cooking up your main dish. Baby carrots often go on sale at ALDI, so pick up an extra bag or two for an easy veggie side the next time you see them in your local ad.

Carrots Need Butter & Thyme -- it's the truth! In this simple veggie side dish, roasting up a bag of baby carrots brings out their inherent sweetness, while butter and thyme pair up to enhance that flavor.

You can pick up everything you need for this simple five ingredient vegetarian side dish over at your local ALDI: Olive oil, thyme, baby carrots, butter, and seasoned salt.

I will confess, though: I always make my own seasoned salt rather than buying it at ALDI (or anywhere else). SO much more fresh & flavorful.

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I’ll work on writing up more of my own favorite veggie side dish recipes for you as I cook them up over the next few months, too.

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