Recent AOS buys — Easy Home Hair Care Organizer & Welby Adjustable Wrist Support

Recent AOS buys — Easy Home Hair Care Organizer & Welby Adjustable Wrist Support

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I somehow spent $20 in the Aisle of Shame (AKA: Amazing Aisle of Random, AKA: Special Buys Aisle) at ALDI this week… but have no regrets. Sometimes the splashy big things get the most chatter, but today’s post is devoted to reviewing a couple of the little ALDI Finds that help make life a little better. 

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Easy Home hair care organizer

easy home hair care organizer from aldi

Remember how I mentioned it was bathroom accessories week in the latest ALDI Finds roundup? Well, my first AOS impulse buy this week was this little Easy Home hair care organizer.

They had me at “create space & organization” on the front of the box, making this the next step in my exceedingly slow (yet relentlessly hopeful) quest to organize my home and my life with a little help from ALDI. See also: Easy Home expandable bamboo spice rack. Basically, this thing gets my flat iron off of the bathroom counter. 

Can I just say, though: There is no earthly way I’ll ever be able to wind up the cords as nicely as shown on the box. But I’m satisfied with the fact that it looks better than it did before! Sometimes, that’s all you can hope for. I do think this should have been about a $5 buy instead of a $10 buy, but clearly didn’t feel strongly enough about that to not make the impulse investment anyway.

Welby adjustable wrist support

welby wrist support from aldi

On to special buy the second! At the risk of revealing my age… all this typing and mouse-ing over the years has left my wrists in less than optimal shape, so sometimes I need a little support while working. My old wrist supports have gotten stretched out and nasty over the years, so I just invested $10 in two of these from ALDI and tossed the old, unsupportive ones. This is a metaphor for life: Invest in the ones that support you, and know when it’s time to let go. 😉

welby wrist support on

So here’s how these look on. The Welby wrist supports are reversible, so you can use them on either wrist. Stick your thumb through the hole, wrap around your wrist, and Velcro-attach to the desired level of tightness. (And yes, that is a cat hair on mine within one minute of taking it out of the box, thank you very much.)

Since these wrist supports are a simple wrap design, they adjust to multiple wrist sizes — and seem very comparable to (and a few bucks cheaper than) similar name brand supports. They run about a medium level of support, and I found it fairly comfortable to type and use the mouse while wearing them.

welby wrist support marks

As with any wrist support I’ve ever used, the Welby ones do leave marks after a while if you are wearing them tightly enough to make a difference. These fade fairly quickly, but just something to note.

What have you picked up in the Aisle of Shame lately?

So, there’s my mini-review of my two most recent ALDI special buy purchases. What are you especially happy about spotting in your store’s Aisle of Shame lately?

New to ALDI Special Buys?

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