Pools, plants, and pet treats in this week’s ALDI Finds

Pools, plants, and pet treats in this week’s ALDI Finds

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Memorial Day 2020 ALDI Finds! BBQ and backyard finds this week, with a few more special buys scattered throughout the ad.

For starters: I’m so pleased with my new Gardenline outdoor accent mat — I’ve been trying to brighten up my dark and somewhat gloomy front porch, and this pattern is so cheerful! Various mats, $9.99 each this week.

ALDI Finds in strange times

Product availability and stock will vary.

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

That all being said, here are a few more of the sales & Finds I’d hope to see in store out of this week’s ad. As always, prices may vary by store and region.

ALDI food Finds this week

Let’s start with price drops this week. High School Guy is the only one in this house that eats ketchup, so I grab a new bottle for him whenever it goes on a great sale — such as this week’s $1.29 for 38 oz of Burman’s ketchup.

Ice cream sandwiches will be a Memorial Day treat for the three of us after our small family BBQ. Pick up a 12 pack for $1.89 this week. Other Memorial Day price drops include:

  • Sundae Shoppe high protein ice cream pints, $2.49
  • Belmont ice cream tubs, $2.29
  • Earth Grown veggie burgers, $2.69
  • Sundae Shoppe sundae cones 36.8 oz, $3.99
  • Sundae shoppe junior pops 33 oz, $1.99
  • Parkview uncured beef franks, $1.99
  • Benton’s honey graham crackers, $.99
  • Choceur milk chocolate bar 5.29 oz, $.99

Some seasonal products also caught my eye, because a few of my faves are back in stock. (I’ll give you a few recipe ideas for these, as well!)

chipotle cheddar at ALDI

Let’s start with one of my favorites: Chipotle cheddar cheese is back and re-branded as Emporium Selection, with the new packaging that refuses to stay closed, grr. But, this specialty cheese is cheaper at my store than the last time. Pick up a pack at $2.49 for 8 oz, and ALDI chipotle cheddar makes the very best grilled cheese sandwiches.

Other seasonal cheeses this week include 8 oz Emporium Selection fresh mozzarella in water or marinade, $3.29, and Emporium Selection block feta, $2.99. The mozzarella balls, by the way, are excellent in dinner salads — try this one with chicken sausage, avocado, and tomato, or this recipe with chicken, avocado, and sweet bell pepper.

homemade lunchables with ALDI products

While you’re in the cooler section, also look out for Appleton Farms 8 oz bite sized salami (now $3.99, so up in price from when I last saw them). Use these in homemade copycat Lunchables, or in this most awesome Greek tortellini salad with salami.

As we wander further through the cooler section, you can keep an eye out for Park Street Deli spicy fruit salsa for $2.49, Park Street Deli chipotle or bacon ranch chicken salad for $3.99, and Park Street Deli fully cooked chicken skewers for $5.99.

And when you move on to the freezer section, pick up Season’s Choice 28 oz shoestring fries for $1.79, Belmont apple or cherry pies for $4.49, or liveGfree gluten free seeds & grains bread for $3.99.

Espritza bubbly rose wine caught my eye this week, and I impulse bought this four pack of cans for $4.99. This seasonal Find will only be in stores that sell alcohol, and I’ll review it for you later this week after I give it a try. 🙂 Other seasonal Finds of this nature (see price in store) include Moiselle Couture Collection sweet grapefruit rose or sangria, as well as Wicked Grove Very Berry hard cider.

On the non-alcohol front, Benner peach or diet peach tea six packs are $3.99, while Simply Nature organic 64 oz lemonade will run you $2.29. Drink that out of 50 ct Boulder party cups, $2.95.

In many markets look for strawberries, blueberries, and watermelon to be on sale again — as well as zucchini and corn on the cob. Meat-wise, there’s their traditional every-BBQ-holiday 73% lean ground beef at $1.99/lb. What’s interesting here is that my ad doesn’t specify this being the usual giant 5 lb pack, just a per lb price — maybe because of the current meat shortages. Making burgers from that beef? Stonemill 4-in-1 seasonings have your back at $3.99 a jar.

You may also find spareribs on sale ($2.29/lb in Chicago) as well as Maui pineapple cedar plank salmon at $9.99/lb. In the freezer, grab 2 lbs Cattlemen’s Ranch patties for $6.99, or 48 oz Kirkwood chicken breasts, $5.59.

ALDI non-food Finds this week

I just picked up this Crane Bean Bag Toss game for $29.99 — see our family’s review here. Other $29.99 back yard games this week include a Crane giant wooden 4-in-a-Row (knock-off Connect 4) and Tumbling Blocks (knock-off Jenga). This is probably a good year to invest a little bit into outdoor activities you can do at home, so take a look.

Other outdoor fun finds:

  • Summer Waves jumbo inflatable basketball, soccer, or bowling games, $14.99
  • Crane pop-up soccer goals, $19.99
  • Baden mini soccer ball, basketball, or football, $4.69
  • Step2 2-in-1 T-ball and golf set, $14.99
  • Step2 sit & play picnic table with umbrella, $39.99
  • Bee Happy big outdoor games, $5.99
  • Intex floating recliner lounge, $16.99
  • Huntington Home oversized 40″x72″ beach towel, $7.99
  • Summer Waves unicorn or llama float, $19.99
  • Banzai Pooldles party pack, $12.99
  • Summer Waves 45″ round pool, $7.99
  • Banzai summer toys, $3.99
  • Banzai 3-in-1 splash park, $29.99

For the kids when they’re running in and out of that little pool or splash park, Lily & Dan children’s clogs, $4.99. (Adult ones will run $5.99.) To go with your new clogs, pick up Bermuda jeggings or capri jeggings, $8.99 each. And if you have somewhere to go…? Serra ladies shapewear is $2.99 a pack.

hanging baskets at ALDI for $6.99

More gardening, patio, and lawn stuff this week starts with 10″ hanging baskets, back again in this week’s ad for $6.99 (not available in all areas) — as well as a 7″ Asiatic lily, see price in store. Then, there’s stuff to put plants in — Gardenline tall rattan planters for $16.99 or cubed rattan planters for $12.99, plus Keter rattan hanging planters for $12.99. And, water those plants… Gardenline 50′ garden hose, $10.99 (great price) or power blaster, $12.99.

colorful mat at ALDI

I already told you about the colorful accent mats for $9.99 — These are flat and not quite as vibrant as they appear in the ad, but still pretty colorful and cheery. Continue that cheer with Gardenline canopy or curtain lights for $12.99, 2-pack solar tiki torches, $19.99, or solar outdoor lanterns, $8.99.

And to go with your rattan planters, how about some wicker. Gardenline wicker patio chairs are $39.99, patio tables, $89.99, umbrella side table, $39.99, and Suncast 99 gallon resin wicker deck box, $89.99.

gray and white cat on a colorful rug

Pet Finds also abound this week. For our feline friends, Heart to Tail over-the-door cat scratchers for $4.99 or Our Pets catty whack for $9.99. For the canine among us:

  • Heart to Tail dog run cable & stake, $7.99
  • Heart to Tail pet collars, $3.99
  • Heart To Tail pet leash or dog harness, $6.49
  • Heart to Tail pooper scooper, $7.99
  • Hauck safety gate, $19.99
  • Pure Being serrano ham bone, $3.49
  • Heart to Tail dog ice cream, $4.99
  • Heart to Tail Mar-O-Crunch dog treat, $2.19
  • Heart to Tail double treat bones, $4.99

(And don’t think for a second that The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy hasn’t noticed the disparity between the cat and dog finds this week…)

For the humans among us, bedroom Finds. Huntington Home cotton blankets are $14.99, while king size microfiber sheet sets will run you $17.99, queen size $15.99. Round that out with Huntington Home all-sleep position pillows, $7.99.

What Finds have you found lately?

Have you found anything to brighten your day at ALDI while you’re out restocking on necessities? Comment here and let us know what you spotted! And, we can still continue to enjoy online window shopping, as well as reminiscing about our Finds from ads gone by. 🙂

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 5/20/20 in Wednesday ad markets; 5/17/20 in Sunday ad markets.

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