Pasta Florentine with Salmon — Using ALDI frozen pink salmon!

Pasta Florentine with Salmon — Using ALDI frozen pink salmon!

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Welcome back to another edition of all ALDI recipes — and to another all-in-one dish to help you save dinner and incorporate more fresh veggies into your meal planning! Pasta Florentine with Salmon is such a simple (yet flavor-packed) summer recipe idea. 

If you’ve been looking for a good way to use ALDI’s affordable frozen pink salmon, look no further. Although I’m not fond of it when served as fillets, its mild flavor and flaky texture actually work perfectly in this protein- and veggie-packed seafood pasta recipe. Today’s pasta Florentine dinner shows how great things can happen when you work with the basic nature of your ingredients, rather than against them. 🙂

pasta florentine with salmon

Although I again incorporated fresh garden tomatoes into this week’s pasta Florentine with salmon recipe (’tis the season!), you can substitute ALDI grape tomatoes when you make yours. You’ll easily find these plus all of the other ingredients you’ll need over at your local ALDI, including the salmon, shredded Parmesan, and SimplyNature organic spaghetti I used here.

Please read, print, and enjoy the full salmon, spinach, and tomato pasta recipe over at sister site Mashup Mom.

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butternut squash and kale pasta

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