Open Face Caprese Sandwiches — An All ALDI Recipe

Open Face Caprese Sandwiches — An All ALDI Recipe

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It’s another Meatless Monday recipe this week, as we continue our parade of recipes inspired by ALDI seasonal and sale ingredients! Avocados and tomatoes are both on sale for Cinco de Mayo this week, but I went a different direction with these Toasted Open Face Caprese Sandwiches with Avocado.

Why? Well, their awesome Priano braided marinated mozzarella is also back this week as a special buy, and what goes more nicely with tomatoes than mozzarella, I ask you? Add in a pack of ALDI’s take and bake ciabatta rolls, and you have a perfect vegetarian recipe that pairs nicely with either a cup of soup or a side salad — for a simple hearty lunch, or a savory Meatless Monday dinner option.

Pick up everything you need for this simple open face Caprese sandwiches recipe over at your local ALDI store, noting that at some locations balsamic vinegar may be seasonal.

And while we’re talking up our Meatless Monday fun with ALDI ciabatta rolls, they do also make a great base for roasted veggie paninis!

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