Oat Milk ice cream, Keychain coin holders, and more ALDI Finds 8/18/21

Oat Milk ice cream, Keychain coin holders, and more ALDI Finds 8/18/21

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Look at the size of these plants! 10″ foliage house plants are on sale at ALDI this week, at $12.99 apiece. I was so very tempted, but have already had to move most of my smaller ones to higher ground because one of the cats has been going to town on them lately — I can’t imagine what she’d do to one of these.

Elsewhere on the plant front this week, look for a Gardenline mini drop-over greenhouse, $16.99, and a Belavi stacking planter, $12.99.

But wait, there’s more! Read on for all of the best ALDI Finds of the week.

product delays at ALDI

Before shopping for Finds this week, though, do visit the ALDI Finds product delays page. Because of shipping delays, certain advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Lots of stores are having trouble getting products in lately, and ALDI is no exception. (My store has even been late in getting in a number of items that don’t even appear on the product delays page. Have you been seeing this as well?)

Finding the Finds

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

As always, prices may vary by store and by region. Read on for 25 more of the top ALDI Finds of the week of 8/18/21 (or Find some on 8/15/21, in Sunday ad markets).

Top 25 ALDI Finds of the week

salsa ranch dressing at aldi

Here, in no particular order, are 25 more of my top ALDI Finds for the week of 8/18/21. Then, read on for some new ALDI pizzas, vegan Finds, and Tex-Mex type Finds.

  1. Tuscan Garden assorted ranch dressings, $1.49
  2. Elevation caramel or banana ready-to-drink protein 4 packs, $5.95
  3. Park Street Deli blueberry coconut avocado spread minis, $4.49 (what?)
  4. Season’s Choice three pepper or three pepper & onion blend, $1.79
  5. Simply Nature fusilli, orzo, or Southwest fiesta salad, $2.99
  6. Simply Nature fresh organic grass-fed ribeye steak, $9.99/lb
  7. Southern Grove Sriracha ranch or dill pickle cashews 10 oz, $5.79
  8. Simms honeysuckle habanero or orange blossom beef jerky, $3.99
  9. Stonemill stir-in chili paste, $2.99
  10. Burman’s wing sauce, $2.19
  11. 200 ct Boulder 3 oz bathroom cups, $3.29
  12. Willow 24 double roll bath tissue, $8.99
  13. Easy Home 3 pack indoor/outdoor brooms with dustpan, $10.99
  14. Serra ladies’ 6 pack seamless underwear, $9.99
  15. Kids’ character headphones, $12.99, lunch bag, $6.99, or character backpack, $8.99
  16. Gardenline instant up gazebo, $149.99
  17. Belavi wicker patio chair or wooden adirondack chair, $59.99
  18. Belavi 2-person swing, $99.99
  19. Belavi patio dining table, $169.99
  20. Huntington Home comfort mat, $7.99
  21. Keychain coin holder quarter keeper, $1.49
  22. Easy Home 10 pack velvet touch hangers, $4.49
  23. Crofton stainless meal prep set, $7.99
  24. Huntington Home over-the-door hooks w/ basket, $12.99
  25. Huntington Home 2-pack hair towels or body wrap, $7.99

They also have a Huntington Home spring air luxury bed pillow for just $7.99, for your bonus 26th Find.

aldi quarter keeper

Some cute quarter keepers this week! Note though that they’ve gone from $.99 in 2019, to $1.19 in 2020, to $1.49 this year. (Still cheaper than the ALDI quarter keepers on Etsy, but they do have a huge variety of handmade ones there, if you miss the ones in store.)

belavi swing at aldi

It does seem a little late in the season to be selling an outdoor swing & dining table? But if you’re still building up your outdoor oasis, there’s some time left to enjoy yours this year.

A few new vegan Finds this week

vegan oat milk ice cream at aldi

In addition to the top 25 Finds above, look for some new and returning non-dairy and vegan Finds at ALDI this week — So many of them, in fact, that they need their own section! Start in the frozen section with Earth Grown non-dairy oat-based frozen desserts. These vegan ice cream pints will run you $2.99 each, and are available in cold brew, strawberry, or vanilla cookie chip.

marinated tofu at aldi

Then in the refrigerated section, you have several vegan options this week:

  • Earth Grown marinated tofu cubes (BBQ or sesame ginger), $3.19
  • Earth Grown tofu or Thai basil vegan dumplings, $3.99
  • Hope dairy free cashew & almond dip, $3.99
  • Kite Hill dairy-free plain or chive cream cheese 8 oz, $5.89
  • Barissimo almond milk iced latte, $1.89

The Kite Hill is expensive, but lots of people swear by it as one of the best non-dairy alternatives out there.

vegan mac & cheese at aldi

Earth Grown vegan mac & cheese, anyone? Look for this plant-based alternative in the pantry Finds section for $1.49. You’ll also Find Brianna’s avocado oil dressing in dairy free ranch or herb vinaigrette for $3.99, as well as Elevation plant protein powder in chocolate or vanilla, $14.99 a tub.

beyond burger at aldi

Lastly, look for Beyond Meat fresh Beyond Burger plant-based patties in the meat section, $3.99 per 8 oz pack (2 patties).

New ALDI Pizza 8/18/21

chicken fajita pizza at aldi

A new week, a new pizza! Here are this week’s options in the frozen section, all prices at $3.99. Choose from: Mama Cozzi’s taco or fajita pizza on a tortilla style crust, or Mama Cozzi’s spinach feta or Tex-Mex pizza.

Tex-Mex type Finds

green chile rolls at aldi

Beyond the aforementioned Tex-Mex pizza, here are a few more thematic Finds of the week. In the frozen section:

  • Appetitos Southwestern or green chile rolls, $5.99
  • Bremer chicken or steak fajita skillet, $4.99
  • Casa Mamita Mexican street corn or chorizo hatch chile ravioli, $6.49
  • Casa Mamita teriyaki chicken or pork carnitas taco meal kit, $8.99
  • Fremont Fish Market shrimp fajita or shrimp taco mix, $4.99

I was really intrigued by the ravioli — if anyone tries the hatch chile one, let me know!

mexi corn at aldi

In the pantry section, look for Casa Mamita Mexican-style corn, $.99 per 11 oz can — as well as Casa Mamita green chile salsa con queso or chipotle salsa con queso, $1.95. Elevation nacho cheese or jalapeño cheddar protein puffs are $2.69, while Clancy’s big dippers or chili cheese corn chips will run you $1.49 a bag.


ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can. What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 8/15/21 in Sunday ad markets, 8/18/21 in Wednesday ad markets.

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