Name your top three non-food ALDI Finds ever… and, GO!

Name your top three non-food ALDI Finds ever… and, GO!

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Just for fun while we’re all rattling around at home right now, let’s talk about some of our favorite non-food ALDI Finds over the years.

While walking around my own house today, I actually spotted more past ALDI purchases than I should probably admit to — but finally got it narrowed down to my top three.

Favorite ALDI Finds, for fun

So, here’s how to play, and then I’ll let you know my own picks. Ready? Here’s what you do:

  1. Walk around your home, and see how many non-food ALDI products you can spot.
  2. If you had to pick only three favorite ALDI non-food Finds to save, which would they be?
  3. Let us know in comments on this post!

Hey, we all need something to keep us occupied right now, as well as a reminder of why ALDI has always been our favorite store. 🙂

Now, let’s play our favorite ALDI Finds

This was a little harder than I thought it would be, but that’s the fun of it, right? Here are my top three favorite non-food ALDI Finds of all time — and, why.

My Crofton Dutch Oven

Crofton lightweight Dutch oven from ALDI

ALDI favorite find number the first: This Crofton lightweight six quart cast iron Dutch oven with a glass lid. I love this thing. Seriously, it hardly ever makes it back into the cupboard after I wash it… Over just this past week or so, I’ve used my Crofton Dutch oven for comforting batches of chicken soup and chocolate chipotle chili (look closely and you can see it sneaking into the food photos), and I definitely see more soup in my near future to use up some of the ends of veggies from the fridge.

Not only is it great for soups, chilis, and stews, this Dutch oven from ALDI is oven safe up to 400 degrees (the glass lid just to 350, though), while the stainless steel handles stay cool to the touch on the stove top. It’s so much lighter than traditional cast iron Dutch ovens that it doesn’t hurt my wrists to move it around, and I appreciate that I can hold the handles without worrying about remembering to grab a towel or accidentally burning myself.

And, the best part? It cost me just $19.99.

Edited to add: A Facebook commenter reminded me this is not my only favorite cast iron from ALDI — my 12″ cast iron skillet was also purchased there! We’ll call this one a tie.

My Hair Care Organizer

Easy Home hair tools holder from ALDI

So when I picked up my Easy Home hair care organizer for $9.99 last summer, I liked it… but I didn’t love it. It’s grown on me, though! My small bathroom sports a pedestal sink and has no counter space to speak of. So, this silly little organizer has been super helpful in letting me store my flatiron and other products vertically, in a contained space.

Here’s my ALDI hot hair tool organizer in its new home, where it lives permanently atop the little cabinet that I’ve also crammed into my little bathroom. Why? Because we all need storage space in our lives.

My SOHL Shelf

SOHL five tier cross back shelf from ALDI

Yes, I may have mentioned my SOHL five tier shelf a time or two before, but I can’t help myself: I just love this thing. I love seeing it every time I walk past it on the way to the couch, I love glancing up and spotting it while I’m cooking, I love storing small kitchen appliances on it to free up space in my overworked kitchen cabinets, and… I love that I put it together all by myself!

So yes… the SOHL cross back shelf has to be my favorite non-food ALDI Find of all time. It helps, of course, that I picked it up on clearance, but: It’s held up over the years, the design is simple yet attractive, and it holds so much while still feeling open and clean.

(And yes, it’s no coincidence that two of my favorite Finds are organizational — while the third one is, of course, kitchen related.)

Your turn: Let’s play favorite ALDI Finds!

Take a stroll around your home, take a stroll down memory lane, and comment here with your own top three favorite non-food ALDI Finds of all time. What’s it going to be?

8 thoughts on “Name your top three non-food ALDI Finds ever… and, GO!”

  • Off the top of my head I would say the cardboard cat scratcher log cabin house and the fancier reading glasses that flex. Oh, also the silicone kitchen utensils. I bought 4 of the spatulas because I love them so much! I’m sure there is a lot more that I will think of later. 🙂

  • My Crofton Dutch oven, for sure!

    My Crofton “pasta pot” (Strega Nona reference….I think it is officially a soup pot)

    My fake “ugg” boots!

  • #1- gazebo for by the pool
    #2- kitchen island on wheels
    #3- spoon and pot lid rest for counter

  • 1. Our giant disk swing in the backyard, my kids play on it daily.
    2. Mini silicone spatula, I use one every single day
    3. Balance board for workouts

  • The glass cutting board next to my stove has saved my countertopthoysands of time. I love my reading glasses and the case they came in. And where would I be without the AA batteries sold at Aldi? AAA, too! They last and last.

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