My SOHL Shelving Unit symbolizes independence

My SOHL Shelving Unit symbolizes independence

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Look what’s back in ALDI ads this week! This niftiest of all SOHL five tier shelving units seems to show up at ALDI each March (although at $59.99 this year, it’s running a full $10 higher than in 2019).

A SOHL five tier shelving unit review

SOHL five tier shelving unit on the shelf at ALDI

When these SOHL shelves last rolled around in March 2019, I’d mentioned how much I loved mine from the year before, and how I’d put it together all by myself.

What I didn’t mention at the time, however, was just how very huge it was that I’d assembled said SOHL shelving unit all by myself. Why? Well, this ALDI shelf was one of the first things I bought to reflect my very own taste after my now ex-husband moved out, as well as the first piece of furniture I’d ever assembled entirely on my own.

So, I very clearly remember this shelf taking me two hours to put together (because I originally put a big chunk together backwards that I then needed to redo… no judgement, please 😉 ). But what’s more clear now is this: I still love my pretty criss-cross shelf — and, more importantly, it is still holding together and sturdy after two years, even though I put it together myself.

I did it!

How’s that for a testimonial? The bottom line is this: If I could get this shelving unit together all alone (and have it still looking this good & solid after two years), you certainly can, too.

X back on the SOHL five tier shelf from ALDI

Beyond its association with my own independence, I still really like the style of the SOHL five tier shelf — especially the criss-cross back and the open shelving (which lets light shine through my blue glass collection). The shelves themselves are holding up nicely, with no scuffs or scratches after two years of use and the occasional exploration by curious cats.

SOHL shelf from ALDI holds small kitchen appliances

The bottom two shelves on this unit right now are helping me organize my overflow small kitchen appliances, from my air fryer, to my Instant Pot, to my food processor. They’re so much more useful out where I can easily see and access them, rather than cluttering up my kitchen cabinets.

And yes, the pretty cutting board down there is also an ALDI Find from last year! It’s still in great condition as well, but this may be because I’m afraid to use it and scratch it all up.

I’m keeping my SOHL shelf forever

Over the past few months I’ve been downsizing in preparation to list my house and move somewhere smaller. But I can tell you this: My SOHL shelf? Is the one piece of furniture that is definitely making the move.

This year I’m again coveting the matching SOHL writing desk, but still can’t justify spending $69.99 on a want rather than a need. Anyone have one?

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