My Favorite ALDI Finds this week — From Moo Tubes to Inflatable Pools to Father’s Day cards

My Favorite ALDI Finds this week — From Moo Tubes to Inflatable Pools to Father’s Day cards

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Here are a few of my favorite ALDI Finds and sale items from the new week’s ad starting either 6/2/19 or 6/5/19 (although, even in Sunday markets, some of the new Finds don’t release until Wednesday). Cherry/watermelon Moo Tubes are back in this week’s ad, so Middle School Guy will be pleased — and they’re cheaper than last time, at $1.55 rather than the $1.79 they ran back in February. He likes to freeze his for a cool treat during the summer, or to pop into a camp lunch box to help keep everything cooler.

More on the ALDI Food Finds Front

Also look for whole boneless pork butt roast to be on sale this week! It’s $1.69/lb in my ad, but that may vary. This cut of pork is perfect for the slow cooker, making it equally perfect for a summer day. You might, say, make up a big batch of slow cooker pork carnitas or slow cooker salsa pork, then use the leftovers to make something like pork & spinach baked taquitos or salsa pulled pork soup.

On the produce front, many ad markets have sales on red grapes ($.89/lb in Chicago!), mushrooms, and multi-colored bell peppers. Or if you’re feeling more sugary, browse ALDI deals on frozen treats: Everything Sundae Shoppe seems to be on sale for the summer, ranging from ice cream sandwiches ($1.99), to Pops ($1.99), to high protein ice cream ($2.49).

If you were excited about the recent cauliflower crust pizza at ALDI, this week brings us Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen deli pizza on… broccoli crust? It’s $5.99, and I’m not sure how I feel about this one. If you try it, please comment and let us know what you think. I’m more intrigued by their limited time Park Street Deli buffalo hummus, which is also available in pineapple jalapeño or garlic kale. Their online ad says see store for price, but it’s running $1.99 in my paper ad; what does it cost by you?

Chipotle cheddar is back again in this week’s ad (this is like the third time — I’m wondering if it will become a regular item?!). This is a good time to get your grilled cheese on! Lastly, if you’ve been waiting for this one to roll back around for summer, the Baker’s Corner Funnel Cake Kit is in the ad at $2.69.

On the ALDI Pool Finds front

Enjoy your frozen treats by the pool! The ALDI Bestway inflatable family pool is back in this week’s ad, for instance. This rectangular pool is a full 10 feet long and runs just $19.99; we had one a while back for several years before it finally tore and became unusable, making it well worth the investment. If you already have a real pool (or access to one), you’ll find various pool lounges on sale (including a large unicorn with rainbow wings at $19.99!), as well as: Puddle jumper vests for the littles at $12.99, beach sandals for the grown-ups at $7.99 (or water shoes for the kids at $3.99), a Crane mist ‘n sip bottle for $6.99, and novelty beach towels for $7.99.

Father’s Day is coming up

… and ALDI has your back on the Father’s Day gift front. Check for various golf related products, of course ($7.99 golf umbrella, $12.99 12 pack golf balls), plus men’s Royal Class leather belts and wallets at just $9.99, novelty tees at $6.99, and really nice Father’s Day cards or gift bags with tissue for $.99 each. No, the video has nothing to do with ALDI, but is just for your Father’s Day amusement. 😉

What else do dads stereotypically like? Oh, car stuff. Also on sale in this week’s ad: $12.99 Auto XS floor mat sets, $14.99 Auto XS portable tire inflators, $4.99 Auto XS pop-up car sunshades, and more.

What’s your next dad guess? If you said “tools,” you win! Find a Workzone cordless drill for $34.99 — which I might actually pick up for myself, although I’m not a dad. Anyone have a review on this one? A Workzone drill bit assortment will run you $6.99, a 38 piece ratcheting screwdriver set is $6.99, a universal socket/ratchet wrench is $8.99, and a moving dolly is $12.99. Oh, and you can even grab a Workzone wet/dry vacuum for $34.99!

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

You can view all of these picks plus additional weekly Finds and specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 6/2/19 or Wednesday 6/5/19.

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