My ALDI Clearance Finds — What’d You Spot Lately?

My ALDI Clearance Finds — What’d You Spot Lately?

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I don’t usually get to my ALDI when it opens, but today somehow managed to be one of the first in line. (That 9AM opening time is generally just too late for me during the school year, since the timing doesn’t work to go right after drop off — and, once I’m home working, it’s harder to get back out.)

My earliness paid off today, though, in the form of clearance stickers all over the store! Clearance stickers are fairly random, depending on what’s short-dated and what a given store needs to clear out. However, I often seem to have better luck spotting these red stickers either right when the store opens, or near closing on a Sunday.

When do you tend to find the most clearance at your own local ALDI?

Clearance finds pay off!

clearance steak from aldi

Watching for clearance finds has become more important to me as prices continue to creep upward (not just at ALDI, but everywhere). Today’s clearance loaf of sourdough bread, for instance, used to run $2.95 at my ALDI — but is now regularly priced at $3.15. Bags of tortilla chips have jumped from $1.45, to $1.65, to $1.85 — and today, were all the way up to $1.97. $.99 boxes of chicken broth have jumped to $1.19, $.89 tortillas are now $.98, and I’m basically just seeing price increases on everything from bread to meat to pantry staples, throughout the entire store.

Suffice it to say, I was pretty happy today paying $8.83 for everything pictured at the top of this post: $1.15 for sourdough bread, $3.78 for the pack of ground beef, $2.40 for a specialty pizza, and $1.50 for some mini donuts for the kids. The original price total of just these four items? $18.49!

It’s not just today’s trip, either: Take a quick glimpse in my freezer, and you’ll find everything from red clearance stickered steak to naan bread.

What have you scored on ALDI clearance lately?

clearance flatbread from aldi

What have you scored on clearance at your own ALDI lately? Keep in mind that some of those most commonly-clearance-stickered items tend to freeze well, so don’t worry about buying short-dated items.

From my own freezer today: This flatbread I picked up on clearance a couple weeks back is destined for pizza later this week, while we’ll enjoy the steak some future weekend.

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