Mushroom Fried Rice with Edamame, an all ALDI recipe

Mushroom Fried Rice with Edamame, an all ALDI recipe

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How about a new vegetarian fried rice recipe today? Mushroom Fried Rice with Edamame is a perfect choice for Meatless Monday, or for any weeknight, really. Mushrooms and edamame give it a filling umami richness, while the carrots and egg add color and textural interest.

Season's Choice steamed shelled edamame on the shelf at ALDI

I’m always so happy when ALDI brings back their frozen edamame a couple of times a year. $1.89 per 16 oz bag is a fantastic price, and protein-packed edamame is useful in so many recipes! Their Season’s Choice steamed shelled edamame is delicious, but I honestly don’t care for the pods as much — the couple times I’ve purchased those, they’ve been pretty tough and not had a lot of flavor.

Vegetarian fried rice with mushrooms and edamame

You can pick up every ingredient in this easy vegetarian fried rice recipe at ALDI, but some will be seasonal: Specifically, the edamame, the sesame oil, and the ground ginger. (Stock up on both edamame and sesame oil while available, to last you until the next special buy!)

Check out the whole mushroom fried rice with edamame recipe over at sister site Mashup Mom.

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