More Summer Fun Finds at ALDI

More Summer Fun Finds at ALDI

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Summertime, summertime, sum sum summertime! Here are a few of my favorite ALDI Finds of the week, starting today 6/17 in Wednesday market stores, Sunday 6/14 in Sunday market stores.

Yes, I’m still trying to stock up on cheap summertime activities the boys and I can do in our yard or at the park… because it’s been such a weird and isolated time for the kids. I picked up this not-a-frisbee disc thing for $4.99, and would anyone like to guess how long it took us to wing it onto the garage roof? (*cough10minutescough*). Dragged out the ladder and retrieved it, so we’ll see how long our next adventure lasts.

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As always, prices may vary by store and by region.

ALDI non-food Finds this week

Gardenline hammock with carry bag at ALDI

There’s all sorts of camping stuff in this week’s ad, if this is something you’re into! The $14.99 Gardenline hammock with carry bag spoke to me from this section (yes, I don’t really camp…), but you might prefer:

  • Adventuridge 4 person tent, $29.99
  • Adventuridge warm weather sleeping bag, $9.89
  • Adventuridge watertight smartphone case or storage case, $4.99
  • Adventuridge foldable chair, $7.99
  • Adventuridge 17-in-1 multi-tool, $7.99
  • Adventuridge collapsible tub or bucket, $8.99
  • Adventuridge 4 person table setting, $9.99
  • Adventuridge 200 lumen LED flashlight, $7.99
  • Foldable utility tote, $8.99

If you’re staycation-ing this summer and have the room, you could also use some of these to set up a little camping experience for the kids in your back yard.

Banzai sea splash sprinkler at ALDI

I already told you of my Crane Air Flyerz Find (also available in “flying missile” for $4.99). For more kid-friendly backyard fun in this week’s ad, I liked these Banzai water sprinklers and splash pads ($8.99, and so cute for the little ones!). Also look for Bee Happy swing seats and disc swings ($9.99 each), a bubble lawn mower ($12.99, plus 100 oz bubble solution for $3.99), and water drawing mats ($9.99).

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in which to use them, Crofton floating wine glasses are $2.49 each — and Intex animal ride on floats are $9.49.

Crane playground balls at ALDI

A $3.99 Crane playground ball and a piece of chalk to draw the squares: Boom, endless games of 2-square are in your future, for another easy and affordable summer time activity. Not big enough for you? Crane giant inflatable sports balls are $4.99 each, and giant Crane collapsible yard pong is $29.99.

mosaic solar garden stakes at aldi

My store was remarkably empty this week, but apparently it’s because everyone was taking turns wiping out the display of Gardenline mosaic solar garden stakes — a bargain, at $4.99 each! More garden decorating fun ranges from a $19.99 kinetic wind spinner, to an $8.99 animal planter, to a $24.99 4-way basket hanger, to a $12.99 whiskey barrel planter. For your patio, also look for a Gardenline glass folding table ($14.99), double glider ($49.99), stacking chairs ($16.99) or two person swings ($89.99).

Get ready for the 4th of July, too, with everything from a Huntington Home summer mat ($6.99), to a $2.99 string of patriotic lights, bunting, or banner.

After you go inside, cool on off with everything from an Easy Home 5000 BTU window AC ($129.99) or portable air conditioner ($199.99), to an Easy Home 20″ air circulator fan ($24.99) or 18″ high velocity fan ($29.99) — and site back to admire your new $1.99 mini succulents and $3.99 3-wick candles.

Once you’ve cooled off, get cooking: Ambiano has that covered with its $14.99 Belgian waffle maker or $34.99 compact air fryer. TBH, though air fryers go on sale… a lot, and that this price for this 1.8 quart size isn’t special. You can get a bigger one for the same price by watching the deals — which I often post in my deals group on Facebook (come join us! 🙂 ). A Crofton 12″ hard anodized fry or grill pan could also be handy, at $17.99, and a 24 piece food storage set will run you $7.99.

ALDI food Finds this week

Sundae shoppe knock off bomb pops at ALDI

I picked up a box of these Sundae Shoppe red, white & blue pops (AKA knock-off Bomb Pops) for Middle School Guy. Not a terrible deal at $1.99 for 12 of them — and he does so love everything Popsicle-ish. Their junior pops are still also on sale for $1.99 a box, if you are looking for the traditional flavor variety mix, and Sundae Shoppe Italian ice 36 oz boxes will run you $2.29.

mini gourmet cherry pies at aldi

Continuing down the freezer section, how cute are this mini cherry gourmet pies? $3.99 for six of them. You also might see Deutsche Küche Bavarian soft pretzels or pretzel sticks for $3.49 or pork schnitzel for $8.99 (it’s back!), as well as Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen cheese filled pub pretzels for $2.49, or mega pizza snacks for $2.59.

patriotic cheese at aldi

Then, let’s mosey on over to the refrigerated foods to see what Finds we can find. Like, aren’t these little patriotic cheeses so cute? At $3.99 for 5.29 oz, they’re relatively expensive — but just one would brighten up a thematic charcuterie board.

promised land chocolate milk at aldi

Promised Land chocolate milk is also on the more expensive side, but worth mentioning because I know many of you wait for it to re-appear in stores. (Is it just that good? We haven’t tried…) $3.79 for 52 oz. Keep walking down that aisle for Mama Cozzi’s margherita artisan flatbread at $4.49, and BelGioioso fresh mozzarella pearls for $2.89.

blueberries and yogurt from ALDI

On the meat & produce front, blueberries are on seasonal sale in many areas of the country. (Try them in the Friendly Farms Greek yogurt! You’re welcome.) Oh, and luckily avocados are also on sale in many areas, meaning you can make this simple summer salad with chicken & blueberries and save on a refreshing summer meal. Produce and meat sales can vary, but you may also find sales on cantaloupe, asparagus, green grapes, and family packs of chicken thighs and drumsticks. Also look for family packs of organic grass fed ground beef ($4.49/lb in my ad!).

As for shelf-stable foods, you might want to check out Elevation Pro 20 bars, $5.99, or Barissimo cold brew coffee concentrate, $7.99. Plus, look for price drops on summer BBQ items from L’Oven Fresh hamburger and hot dog buns (now $.75) to 24 packs PurAqua purified water (now $1.99).

What Finds have you Found?

Have you found anything to brighten your day at ALDI while you’re out restocking on necessities? Comment here and let us know what you spotted! And, we can still continue to enjoy online window shopping, as well as reminiscing about our Finds from ads gone by. 🙂

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 6/17/20 in Wednesday ad markets; 614/20 in Sunday ad markets.

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