Sneaky Meal Planning Planners + more ALDI specialty planners!

Sneaky Meal Planning Planners + more ALDI specialty planners!

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A couple of weeks ago I told you about the 2021 Pembrook Planners ALDI finally had out in store. Well, this week they again branched out into specialty planners! For that same $7.99 price, you can pick up a:

  • Baby planner
  • Wedding planner
  • Wellness planner, or
  • Parent planner (two designs) — And, this one also works for meal planning!

See all of the different specialty planner cover designs on ALDI’s site. These are from the ad that started 1/20/21 in Weds. ad markets; 1/17/21 in Sunday ad market, but my store was still well-stocked with these as of yesterday.

Inside the Pembrook Specialty Planners

pembrook specialty planners sticker pages

I went to ALDI in the off-hours yesterday, to take a peek at these planners and snap a few photos for you while the store wasn’t busy. As with the regular Pembrook yearly planners, each of these ALDI specialty planners for 2021 contains a removable bookmark, an inside double-sided pocket, tips and checklists, blank notes pages, and several sticker sheets. (Aren’t the PARTY! stickers super-optimistic for this year? From ALDI’s mouth, to… 🙂 )

pretty quotes page in aldi wedding planner

In addition to the tabbed monthly calendar pages and these extras, each 2021 Pembrook specialty planner also features thematic inspirational quotes pages. The one above is from the wedding planner — which is so pretty overall!

ALDI wedding planner checklist example

But, unlike with the regular yearly planners, each one of these specialty planners is focused around a particular goal, topic, or life event.

aldi wellness planner goals

And, each planner contains pages to help you break down your thematic goals for 2021 into actionable, achievable steps.

Pembrook Parent Planner — Includes Meal Planning

aldi parent planner budget and chore chart sheets

Let’s talk a minute about the Pembrook parent planners in particular. Just like last year, these 2021 planners weren’t quite what I originally expected on the inside. While they do contain parent-specific pages, ALDI parent planners focus largely on household financial and meal planning; they’re not entirely kid-centric.

Each parent planner sports a different cover and inside design, but is similar in content. In addition to things like chore charts, babysitter info, and family-specific stickers, for instance, each also includes handy monthly budget sheets, a vacation planner, and a place to list favorite restaurants and food delivery services.

meal planning pages in pembrook specialty planners

And when I got to the monthly calendar pages, they turned out to be menu planning pages! In case you haven’t noticed by now, meal planning is kind of my thing… so, how awesome is this?

I do my own meal planning online, but if you are a die-hard paper planner, take a look at ALDI’s parent planners and see if one of them might meet your needs in the upcoming year. (And, if you picked up one of these last year and liked it, they’re very similar in design to the 2020 edition.)

Who’s picking up a 2021 Pembrook specialty planner this year?

If you’re getting married, having a baby, working on wellness goals, or running a busy household with kids, take a look at these 2021 ALDI specialty planners to see if they’ll help you get organized!

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