Italian Week, steam mop, kids’ boots, and more ALDI Finds

Italian Week, steam mop, kids’ boots, and more ALDI Finds

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Let’s get snicky-snackish at ALDI with Utopia Market African curry or yogurt cucumber quinoa puffs, $1.99 per 4.58 oz bag. Other snack options for the peckish this week?

  • Savortiz portion pack cheese crackers, $3.79
  • Clancy’s butter or cheese puffed corn (see price in store for some reason)
  • Specially Selected balsamic vinegar & rosemary or pancetta & Parmesan kettle chips, $1.89
  • Racine Danish Kringles almond or raspberry Kringle, $4.99
  • Benton’s portion pack chocolate sandwich cremes, $3.79
  • Benton’s portion pack vanilla wafers or animal crackers, $3.99
  • Clancy’s cheesy garlic bread potato chips, $1.69
  • Priano Taralli crackers, $1.99
  • Priano Amaretto cookies, $1.99

The pancetta & Parmesan chips sound interesting; anyone tried them before? It’s Italian Week at ALDI, so you’ll find more Italian-inspired flavors throughout the store.

veggie tortellini bake

Just for instance: Beyond the pizzas listed below (and some of the snacks above), look for:

  • Priano filled pennette, $2.79
  • 19 oz Priano cheese tortellini, $2.79
  • Priano breaded veal patties, $9.99
  • Specially Selected sole Parmesan with marinara, $6.99
  • Specially Selected smoked mozzarella or braised beef ravioli, $3.49
  • Specially Selected tiramisu or profiteroles, $5.99
  • Sundae Shoppe fall gelato, $3.99

Mmm, gelato. It’s way too close to lunch time right now…

infused olive oil at aldi

And a few more…

  • Priano infused extra virgin olive oil, $2.99
  • Priano Italian P.D.O. extra virgin olive oil, $5.99
  • Sartori 8 oz shredded Parmesan or asiago, $3.99
  • Reggano pasta & sauce, $.89
  • Stonemill Italian grinders, $2.99
  • Red Bear premium salami, $4.99
  • Priano long bronze-cut pasta 16 oz, $1.19

The infused olive oils and some of the other Italian Week Finds would be lovely as part of a holiday gift basket, too!

My favorite ALDI Finds

Here are just a few more of my favorite Finds this week.

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

As always, prices may vary by store and by region.

ALDI Food Finds this week

crispy pan pizza at aldi

My store had the freezer section disassembled and it looked like they were rearranging things, so this is last year’s photo & packaging — but every week does bring us another ALDI frozen pizza to try. This time:

  • Mama Cozzi’s Italian style mini pizza in margherita or spinach, $2.99
  • Mama Cozz’s stone baked bruschetta flatbread, $4.49
  • Mama Cozzi’s pan pizza value pack in cheese & pepperoni, $9.99
  • Specially Selected stone baked spinach & goat cheese pizza, $3.89
  • Specially Selected bistro style French recipe or Calabrese salami flatbread, $3.99

Also look for a $1.59 Mama Cozzi’s garlic bread loaf, to go with. Other frozen Finds this week include Season’s Choice waffle fries, $1.49, or super sweet corn, $1.09.

gourmet spreadable cheese at aldi

In the cooler section, keep browsing those seasonal cheeses! Emporium Selection gourmet spreadable cheese is back, at $2.99 a tub — or pick up Happy Farms spreadable cheese cups at the same $2.99 price. Carr Valley artisan cheeses are $3.89 each. If you do find the gourmet spreadable cheese, the garlic & herb variety makes a great base for potato soup, by the way.

Other refrigerated Finds include Park Street Deli Korean BBQ chicken or white wine pepper sauce chicken, $5.99, Chobani less sugar Greek yogurt, $.99, or Wandering Gourmet cauliflower au gratin, $4.49.

wellness breads at aldi

Several interesting new breads to choose from this week! Like these L’Oven Fresh wellness breads, $2.99. Specially Selected everything ciabatta rolls are $2.69, and Silver Hills Bakery ancient grains bread, $3.99. Feeling crunchier still? Millville maple or cranberry cluster crunch is $2.69 this week.

stonemill squeeze minced garlic and ginger at aldi

Other pantry items of interest? How about Stonemill squeeze garlic or ginger, $2.79 apiece. Also look for Valley Fresh 100% natural chicken breast in broth, 10 oz for $2.22, and Dakota’s Pride 28 oz onion or honey baked beans, $1.39.

stir in pastes at aldi

While you’re spicing things up, you can also try these interesting Simply Nature stir in pastes. At $2.79 each, they range in flavor from sun dried tomato, to cilantro, to lemongrass, to Italian herb.

honeycrisp apples at aldi

As far as meat & produce deals in many areas of the country — which, as always, may vary by region — look for possible continuing sales on caramel apples, as well as red grapes, honeycrisp apples, and mangoes. You might also find 73% lean ground beef, boneless skinless chicken thighs, butterflied lamb leg, and chuck roast as your meat specials of the week.

seasonal wines at aldi

ALDI stores that sell alcohol may also be stocking special buys such as: The Fire Tree red wine reserva, Grande Alberone zinfandel, Bellitalia chianti, and more this week. See price in store on these. Also, look for seasonal holiday wines!

ALDI non-Food Finds this week

white cloud tp at aldi

Stock back up on household supplies this week: White Cloud 12 roll TP will run you $9.49 for 2 ply or $9.99 for 3 ply. Also grab 8 rolls of Boulder multi-size paper towels at $6.49.

And while you’re cleaning up, the Easy Home Steam mop is back! Just $39.99 — and you can also look for an Easy Home 4-in-1 snap-in cleaning kit + storage system, $19.99.

Get cooking and crafting this week! Merry Moments seasonal holiday baking accessories are just $1.29. Craft away, too, with:

  • Easy Home mini sewing machine, $12.99
  • Easy Home mini sewing kit, $4.99
  • Easy Home sewing box, $9.99
  • 2 lbs kinetic sand, $8.99
  • Easy Home 5 piece connecting bins, $8.99

Never fear, though: Kinetic sand doesn’t generally run much more on Amazon, if you miss this ALDI sale. Oh, and decorate your crafting space with a seasonal Paper White in glass vase (see price in store).

children's winter boots at aldi

$11.99 is a fantastic price for children’s winter boots, so grab this Lily & Dan deal while available. In sizes 7/8-2/3, in star print, pink, dino print, or navy. Other warm deals?

  • Crane adult warm-lined clogs, $6.99
  • Adventuridge flannel or fleece-lined jeans, $14.99
  • Crane adult touchscreen gloves, $7.99
  • Lily & Dan children’s fleece jacket, $9.99
  • Lily & Dan children’s winter gloves, $6.99
  • Lily & Dan children’s winter hat & gloves set, $6.99
  • Lily & Dan children’s 6-pack socks, $4.99

And for fall, a Skylite XL vented or inverted umbrella might come in handy, at $8.99.

Finds to warm your house

  • Easy Home weatherstrip seal, $3.99
  • Easy Home double draft seal, $6.99
  • Easy Home boot, shoe, & glove dryer, $14.99
  • Easy Home fox or unicorn humidifier, $29.99
  • Easy Home wall outlet ceramic space heater, $12.99

Also handy for your home, a Ferrex 25′ 4-outlet cord reel is $14.99, Easy Home motion-sensing LED light, $9.99, Workzone tall folding step stool, $8.99, or DuPont allergen air filter, $6.99.

Finds to cozy up your house

  • Huntington Home plush/sherpa comforter set, $34.99
  • Huntington Home cozy accent pillow, $9.99
  • Huntington Home 50″x60″ velvet plush sherpa throw, $9.99
  • Huntington Home true loft bed pillow, $6.99
  • Huntington Home velvet plush sheet set, $29.99
  • Huntington Home 48″x72″ faux fur rug, $49.99

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 10/28/20 in Wednesday ad markets; 10/12120 in Sunday ad markets.

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