Impulse Buys, Clearance, Deli Sliced Meat and more ALDI Finds for May!

Impulse Buys, Clearance, Deli Sliced Meat and more ALDI Finds for May!

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Hey! So I stopped by my local ALDI this morning and spotted so many interesting things on this rainy May 1. Let me tell you about a few of them, and then let me know what you have spotted at your own ALDI lately.

This pet carrier, for instance, was on clearance for just $6.49. I think it will be useful when one of the three bad kitties needs to go to the vet, and what’s funny is that Middle School Guy actually saw a similar pet tote at Goodwill this week and wanted me to pick it up — but it was in such rough shape I told him no. He’ll be happy for this one!

The fresh peeled garlic cloves were a total impulse buy at $2.79. I love the convenience of these, even though they’re more expensive, and I do like that these are stamped product of USA.

Clearance Breakfast Sausage — and recipe ideas

See if your store is also clearancing out the seasonal Appleton Farms hot sausage rolls. They were only $.95 at my store today, so I grabbed a couple. This is awesome to use in breakfast sausage quiche, or in these low carb breakfast sausage egg muffins, or sometimes I even throw some spicy breakfast sausage into chili along with the ground beef in order to add an extra kick.

Beeswax Lip Balm at a great price

Lacura Bee Kissed Lip Balm at ALDI

This is a really nice price for the Lacura Bee Kissed beeswax lip balm — the next cheapest I’ve seen is this six pack gift set on Amazon. But at $1.99, this is a nicely affordable Mother’s Day gift idea you can encourage the kids to pick up and pair with one of ALDI’s $.99 Mother’s Day cards.

Deli Sliced Meat at ALDI

deli sliced meat at ALDI

And guuuuys. I know some of you have been wishing that ALDI would carry deli sliced meat. Well, check this out: ALDI now sells deli sliced meat! Your wish, their command.

Not only did I spot these two varieties in my store today, but they are sporting regular buy yellow price tags, meaning they’re not a limited time special buy. (See more here on how to read ALDI price tags, and how to tell the difference.)

Garden, Patio, and Easter clearance

clearance gardenline glider at ALDI

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for clearance this week. ALDI has had a lot of garden & patio items on sale lately, and if your store is anything like mine, they need to start moving the bigger products out to make room for the new. Today I spotted Gardenline gliders at $29.99 (down from $49.99), stacking side tables for $6.99, and more. And if you’re in the market for candy, pop down the special buys aisle and look for the last bits of their Easter clearance at 50% off or more.

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