I want this leaning bookshelf — Plus cheap avocados, vegan chocolate cake, and more ALDI Finds!

I want this leaning bookshelf — Plus cheap avocados, vegan chocolate cake, and more ALDI Finds!

Here are a few of my favorite ALDI Finds from the new week’s ad — which started yesterday 3/24 in Sunday market stores, and will start Weds. 3/27 in Wednesday market stores.

Let’s of course start with my very favorite recurring sale: Avocados got even cheaper this week, and are as low as $.49 each in many areas of the country! Stock up while the stocking is good. Yes, you can slice up and freeze avocados — and you can even freeze guacamole, as long as you don’t add any diced tomatoes until right before thawing and serving (they’ll make it watery).

Other ALDI Food Finds this week

Look for St. Louis pork spareribs as low as $1.99 a pound this week! Last time these rolled through I found a pack with a half off clearance sticker and cooked them up in my Instant Potso good,  you guys. Also look for a sale on chicken wings, while cheese tortellini and EZ peel raw shrimp are still reduced price.

For those of you who wait for it to roll around: Priano eggplant parmigiana is back at $5.99! And, you’ll also find rolls of turkey breakfast sausage for $2.79 — not to mention a vegan chocolate cake, listed at $7.49 in my ad.

Non-food ALDI Finds this week

I told you a few weeks ago about my fondness for the SOHL shelving unit that reappeared in stores then (and looks so nice in my home…). Well, this week I really like the looks of this SOHL leaning bookshelf! It’s probably best that I really have no good place for it, so will just continue to admire it from afar.

If you’re in the market for one, though, $39.99 is a great price — a very similar looking ladder bookshelf with the same dimensions currently runs three times as much over at Target.

More on the home front; Look for 32 ct dry or 24 ct wet Swiffer-compatible refills for just $4.99, which is a very good price. Pick up a hand vac for $19.99, a steam mop for $34.99, or pick four piece sheet sets or a step-on wastebasket for just $14.99 each.

Gardening stuff also hits this week’s ad. It’s a dangerous game in my area to start with anything outdoors this early, but you can get ready! $29.99 for a raised garden bed? Not bad, not bad indeed. Long-handled garden tools are listed at $8.99 each, a Suncast multi-purpose cart for $19.99, and spring bulbs for $1.89.

Lastly, look for pet items in this week’s all-over-the place ad. Highlights include a cat scratching post or corner condo for $12.99, a wire kennel for $39.99, and pet training pads at $6.99.

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI limited time special buys?

You can view these and additional upcoming weekly specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 3/24/19 or Wednesday 3/27/19, depending which ad market you are in.

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