How did ALDI know I needed this garden cart?

How did ALDI know I needed this garden cart?

This on is almost spooky! Some of you already know that, before I primarily started blogging about food, ALDI, and meal planning, I used to be a coupons & deals blogger. Well, I still maintain a deals group on Facebook and continue to follow some of the deal sites — which, a few days ago were all over a Suncast two wheeled rolling lawn cart / garden cart on sale at Home Depot for $19.88 (normal price: Around $42, and now out of stock — but still over $42 at Walmart!).

I’ve been in the market for something like this, since last fall’s hand-carrying vast quantities of brush and trimmings to the curb about did me in. But when I looked up said cart, it wasn’t available online and showed extremely limited stock at my local store. While pondering whether it was worth the drive over to try for one of these, I stopped by ALDI for groceries. What did I spy with my little eye?

Why yes, this IS a Suncast Garden Cart!

Oh yes: You are looking at the proud owner of that very same Suncast two wheeled garden cart, which I grabbed over at my local ALDI for the whopping total of $19.99. A whole $.11 more than the Home Depot sale price, but the savings in gas and time and possible frustration? Priceless.

Heads up: They only had two left at my store when I was there yesterday, though, so I think they are going fast.

gardenline garden soil from ALDI

I also picked up several bags of garden soil, at $2.99 per 1 cu ft; about a buck cheaper than it generally runs at my local Home Depot. Now, I just have to wait for it to be spring enough to do anything outdoors — because here in Chicago it might be 60 tomorrow, or it might be snowing, you just never know.

I may also be a little too excited to use my handy new Suncast garden cart from ALDI to trundle these bags on out to the garden beds! 🙂

2 thoughts on “How did ALDI know I needed this garden cart?”

  • I live in the area as well. And I can hardly wait to get out in garden! Last Spring we got some snow here 4/9/18.

  • I also purchased this item. In addition to garden work, it serves as my transport for groceries from the car to back door and into kitchen!

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