Hack a Can Dispenser Rack — with the ALDI toilet paper roll dispenser!

Hack a Can Dispenser Rack — with the ALDI toilet paper roll dispenser!

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Let me be clear right up front: How to hack a can dispenser rack with the $6.99 Easy Home toilet paper roll dispenser from ALDI was not my original idea: When I first saw these toilet roll dispensers in last week’s ad, I kind of dismissed them out of hand.

But then, Michelle in the Almost All ALDI Facebook group opened my eyes with her ingenious idea to use these ALDI toilet paper roll holders as… can holders to help organize your pantry! Brilliant!

How to Hack a Can Dispenser Rack w/ the ALDI TP roll dispenser

hack a can dispenser rack from ALDI

These Easy Home TP roll dispensers are the perfect size for a standard size can, and they make it easy to roll cans through and keep them rotated in order of expiration date. So, I picked up two of these toilet tissue dispensers at my store to hold cans of black and kidney beans; two things I always have plenty of of in my pantry and always need to keep organized. I have about 12 cans in each of these holders-turned-can dispenser-racks right now, and can grab a can or two right out of the front as needed.

cat on toilet paper rack

Even better, these dispensers also include a top shelf. I just threw even more cans on top of mine for now, but you could put two or more of these dispensers closer together and arrange a lot more pantry items up top — gaining yourself some rotating can storage, without losing shelf space.

Or, you know: You could store a cat or two. (Yes, The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy had to help supervise. It’s kind of her forte. Fan of bad kitties? Follow more of their antics in this irregular Caturday series!)

Organize your shelf, and yourself

Easy Home toilet tissue roll dispenser from ALDI

If your ALDI still has these ALDI Find toilet roll dispensers in stock, consider investing in a couple-few to help organize your own pantry — or, now you’ll know not to dismiss them as just for TP when they roll back around again as a special buy! They’re definitely cheaper than comparable can dispensers with shelf that I’ve seen, and seem fairly sturdy so far. The only drawback is that these are a little tall for a standard-sized shelf, so I had to put mine at the bottom of my pantry.  

If you don’t need one with a shelf, though, there are a couple alternatives you can look at — this one holds 36 cans, and is easy to order in terms of expiration date (although it’s not rotating). And this two pack holds 24 cans total; you can either stack them or use side-by-side.

New to ALDI special buys?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. Here’s how to tell if something is a limited time special buy ALDI Find (from their in-store signage).

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  • I need to buy more toilet roll dispensers. Can I order online? Please let me know as soon as possible. Much thanks. Dee

    • Unfortunately ALDI does not sell their products online. Hopefully they’ll roll back in stores again as a special buy at some point.

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