Gluten Free ALDI Finds — Plus more Mother’s Day!

Gluten Free ALDI Finds — Plus more Mother’s Day!

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Happy almost Mother’s Day, Celiac Awareness Month, gardening Finds… let’s see what we can make of this week’s ad, on a week when I’m again limiting in-store trips so don’t have a slew of new photos for you. Safety first! 🙂

Oh, and these HUGE 80 oz jars of Great Gherkins whole dill pickles? They had them in store as a special buy a few months ago, but they’re back again in this week’s ad for the same $3.79 price.

Note: I picked up a jar last time and we weren’t all that impressed with the texture. In our family’s opinion, their refrigerated pickles are much better — so be sure you want to commit to this many pickles before buying!

ALDI Finds for another odd week

We’re into our next odd ALDI Finds week. Again: Sales aren’t quite the same, product availability will vary, and we’re all focusing on essentials right now.

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

That all being said, here are a few more of the sales & Finds I’d hope to see in store out of this week’s ad. As always, prices may vary by store and region.

Gluten Free ALDI Finds this week

liveGfree gluten free cheesecake and more Celiac Awareness Month gluten free ALDI food

May is Celiac Awareness Month, so ALDI always stocks a new batch of limited-time gluten free Finds. None of these Finds were in my (very small) paper ad, but you can view them under the Finds tab or menu item on the ALDI site.

  • liveGfree refrigerated gluten free linguine or fettucine, $3.49 for 9 oz
  • liveGfree refrigerated gluten free stuffed shells or lasagna roll-ups 12 oz, $5.99
  • liveGfree frozen 10 oz gluten free spinach or cheese ravioli, $3.99
  • liveGfree frozen 8 oz gluten free empanadas, $4.99
  • liveGfree frozen gluten free 32 oz cheesecake sampler, $8.99
  • liveGfree frozen chicken alfredo or chicken florentine gluten free skillet meals 20 oz, $4.99
  • liveGfree gluten free brown rice spaghetti or linguine 16 oz, $1.89
  • Fusia white rice ramen or brown rice Pho noodles 8 oz, $1.99

ALDI often stocks more special buy gluten free items than they list in their ad, so keep an eye out. If you spot any more limited time gluten free products at your store, comment here!

Other ALDI food Finds this week

ALDI strawberries and blueberries

I’m hoping that, when I go to restock on groceries in a few days, this week’s sale strawberries are as large and delicious as last week’s sale strawberries. My new Chicago-area ALDI ad shows strawberries at $1.19, blueberries at $1.99, and large seedless watermelons for $3.99, as well as $1.99/lb asparagus.

Meat sales this week might include family packs of boneless skinless chicken breast ($1.89/lb in my area), family packs of organic grass fed ground beef at $4.49/lb, and family packs of thin-sliced boneless pork chops for $2.99/lb. Meat and produce sales and prices may vary by region; check against your local ad.

Mother's Day cheese at ALDI

Other food Finds of note include Emporium Selection Mother’s Day cheese for $3.99. (The one pictured above looks like a repackaging of one of their Valentine’s Day cheeses, which I quite enjoyed last year…) What else for Mom? Oh, how about 96 ct Barissimo Donut Store coffee cups, $24.99.

I’d also like to try Kirkwood turkey andouille smoked sausage ($2.49) and Southern Grove Gochujang or Moroccan spiced almonds ($4.99), while the kids would likely appreciate 3 lbs of chicken breast nuggets ($4.99). And in the frozen section? Journey to India mini naanpanadas are definitely calling my name — although they seem a little pricey at $4.79 a box.

ALDI non-food Finds this week

Lacura lip balm at ALDI

Lacura Be Kissed lip balm is back at $1.99 for Mother’s Day, although the ad notes it’s not available in all locations. Note: My photo is of the older packaging, because I’m not in store taking new photos right now. You can see the new reddish-orange box on the ALDI site here. This is a nice price for beeswax lip balm! (I did see a four pack of Burt’s Bees on sale with a coupon on Amazon today, but it’s more per tube.)

More Mother’s Day gift ideas in this week’s ad — pick up a gift when you pick up your groceries:

  • Lacura 7 piece hand cream gift set or soap & lotion gift set, $4.99
  • Huntington Home mug set, $4.99
  • Crofton 22 oz double wall stainless steel water bottle, $6.99
  • Serra City tote, $6.99
  • Hinkler premium puzzle books, $3.99
  • Huntington Home vintage style bulb candle wax warmer, $9.99
  • Huntington Home triple pour scented wax melts, $1.69
  • Mother’s Day bouquets, calla lily in a watering can, and Easy Orchid — see price in store. (The orchid is $9.99 in my area, lily $8.99, bouquets $12.99, 10 stem tulips $4.89.)

You can also look for Serra Ladies’ footbed sandals for $9.99, maxi dresses for $12.99, and coloring kits for $4.99. Oh, and while we’re talking cards: Get a Pembrook 50 card combo pack for $4.99, or graduation cards for $.99 each.

To keep the kids busy, you might find a Little Tikes infant to toddler swing ($22.99), light up trekking sandals ($12.99), potty seats ($7.99), and 2 lbs of kinetic sand ($8.99).

yellow pansies

May also means gardening season! Garden, lawn, and patio items in this week’s ad including Huntington Home reversible 5’x7′ indoor/outdoor rugs for $14.99, Gardenline trough planters for $9.99 or hanging baskets for $4.99, and a Gardenline fairy garden kit for $12.99. You may also spot $6.99 garden clogs, $7.99 garden hats, $5.99 watering wands, and more.

For your patio you can also keep an eye out for a Gardenline pergola ($169.00), as well as $14.99 chair cushions, $8.99 seat pads, and $14.99 bench cushions. Some regions might also have premium flowering plants; price varies.

What Finds have you Found?

Have you found anything to brighten your day at ALDI while you’re out restocking on necessities? Comment here and let us know what you spotted! And, we can still continue to enjoy online window shopping, as well as reminiscing about our Finds from ads gone by.

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 5/6/20 in Wednesday ad markets; 5/3/20 in Sunday ad markets.

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