Gardenline Pruners — my new favorite backyard tools!

Gardenline Pruners — my new favorite backyard tools!

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I know, I know: Most people are getting all excited this spring about the big ALDI Finds: Pergolas and pools, gazebos and greenhouses. Me? Well, I’m perpetually pleased at the ongoing small ways ALDI makes my life easier. To wit:

My old pruning shears recently gave up the ghost. We’d had a good run together, but after a whole LOT of choppery at my new home this past fall & spring, they’d become almost impossible to use. Lo and behold, what showed up in last week’s ALDI ad?

  • Ergonomic Gardenline professional anvil or bypass garden pruners for $5.99
  • 2 packs of Gardenline micro-pruners for $7.99
  • Gardenline loppers for $13.99

My store still had all of these in stock as of yesterday; perhaps yours will as well.

A Gardenline Pruners Review

using micro-pruners to cut peonies

I bought both a set of micro-pruners and a regular bypass pruner this week, and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. Let me tell you a little bit about why I picked up both of these affordable ALDI pruners, and what I’m using them for.

ALDI Micro-Pruners

aldi micro-pruners

ALDI micro-pruners sport stainless steel blades — and you can see from where I dropped them in the dirt that I’ve already been putting mine to good use. The little curved ones work beautifully for cutting or deadheading flowers (such as today’s lovely peonies) without tearing their stems, and I’ve been using the straight pruners to snip fresh herbs.

snipping parsley with micro-pruners

This year, I planted my herbs in containers on the deck right outside the dining room, which has been super convenient for cooking! I now keep these little micro-pruners by the back door, so that I can quickly step out and snip fresh herbs for a recipe at any time.

These are indeed small, though; my hands aren’t especially big, and I can hold both tools comfortably. Don’t try to use the micro-pruners to cut anything too large or too sturdy — they’re meant for smaller jobs and quick snipping.

My only quibble with these tools lies with their little safety closures, which are fairly hard to fasten when I need to hold the tools closed & put them away. Gardenline micro-pruners work for either right- or left-handed users.

ALDI Bypass Pruners

aldi pruners have ergonomic handles

I’ve been fighting with my old painful garden pruner forever, and keep forgetting to make a special trip to pick up a new one. Well, what’s easier than spotting these on sale at my favorite grocery store, I ask you?

pruning dead branches off a bush

Not only do these Gardenline pruners cut through small branches and twigs like butter, they have the most lovely lovely ergonomic soft grip handles, making them quite comfortable to use! They also work nicely for smaller hands, much better than my old ones did.

With a cutting capacity of .5″ and nicely sharp Teflon coated nonstick blades, these should hopefully last me a while. The only thing I might wish for is a larger cutting capacity (1/2 inch being fairly small), but I do already have a lopper for larger jobs.

My new pruners are so satisfying that I almost didn’t want to stop pruning, but: The yard waste bag, it is full, and the day, it is done. TL;DR: Gardenline pruners, affordable and highly recommended.

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