Garden Gnomes, ALDI Outdoor Rugs… what Finds did YOU get this week?

Garden Gnomes, ALDI Outdoor Rugs… what Finds did YOU get this week?

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Hello, and welcome to another edition of “What ALDI Finds could Rachel not resist this week?” Honestly, the outdoor, gardening, & patio Finds have been downright dangerous for me this year. I’ve been picking up a new Find or two just about every week, while in the process of getting my little outdoor oasis all set up in my new home.

I figure, though: Since I’m kind of starting from scratch here, that will settle out soon — and, next spring I’ll be starting from a much better outdoor baseline! 🙂 But there actually is some rhyme and reason to these seemingly random weekly purchases. Here are the two ALDI Finds I picked up this week, and I’d also love to hear about yours in comments.

There’s Gnome Business Like…

ALDI garden gnome in an herb garden

So, let’s start with the garden gnome. Isn’t he cute? This little guy was the very last gnome left among the polyresin garden figurines on the shelf the other day, and for $9.99 he just had to come home with me. Why? Well, he reminds me of my Dad, whom I miss dearly.

The story behind this goes: Back in the day (we’re talking the late 1990s, here), when my Dad first started selling stuff on eBay, he somehow ended up with a bunch of fancy collectible garden gnomes. I spent an awful lot of time editing all of the gnome photos for his eBay listings from his old digital camera… and, not only did more and more gnomes keep turning up for years, but we kept seeing gnomes everywhere we went.

So, garden gnomes kind of became this running in-joke between us. Now, every time I see this little ALDI gnome peeking out from one of the container herb gardens on my deck, I’ll think of my Dad.

It lies like… an ALDI outdoor rug?

aldi outdoor rug on my front porch

As for this week’s ALDI Find the second, my little bungalow also sports a slightly janky screened-in front porch, which the previous owner clearly added on himself at some point. It needs some work… but in the meantime, this week’s 5’x7′ ALDI outdoor area rug fits perfectly. It really brightens up the space!

I got the last red medallion patterned rug at my store, and these also come in several other colors and patterns. ALDI’s indoor/outdoor flat-weave rugs are made of a plastick-y material for water resistance, so they’re easy to clean (you can even hose them off), and they feel quite nice under your feet. Much nicer than the roughly painted boards underneath this rug do, I’ll tell you that.

These ALDI outdoor area rugs would also look nice on a concrete patio or large outdoor porch, and $14.99 is a great price.

my cat loves my aldi outdoor rug

Even better: The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy has personally tested out every ALDI rug I’ve ever purchased, and this week’s outdoor rug definitely meets with her approval. She opines that there’s really nothing more satisfying than a new rug + a sunny screened in porch.

And I’m not kidding about her fondness for ALDI rugs in general…

white and gray cat on an aldi rug

… Chindi rugs also feature in this week’s ALDI ad, so here’s a somewhat younger Bad Kitty Lucy testing out one of mine from a couple years back.

So yes, $25 was a bit more than I’d intended to spend on special buys this week — but I’m really happy with both of these purchases. What ALDI Finds did you pick up? See my top 25+ ALDI Finds of the week, and let me know!

2 thoughts on “Garden Gnomes, ALDI Outdoor Rugs… what Finds did YOU get this week?”

  • Your new place looks charming!! Love the rug in there. I also got the last outdoor rug in turquoise. Haven’t put it out yet. And I managed to find a lone bench cushion from a sale last week, along with a peacock bird bath. The last few weeks I’ve been Aldi out of control!! 🤣

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