Exercise Gear and Lobster in this week’s ALDI Finds

Exercise Gear and Lobster in this week’s ALDI Finds

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Welcome back to your weekly romp through the latest ALDI Finds — starting with Southern Grove California Mission figs, at $1.89 for 7 oz. One great use for these? My new figgy Parmesan cheese crisps recipe, of course!

Southern Grove California Mission Figs from ALDI

To make these crisps, I also used ALDI’s Emporium Selection Parmesan cheese; you’ll definitely want to use freshly shredded Parmesan rather than the pre-shredded.

Here are a few more of my favorite ALDI Finds and sale items from the new week’s ad, starting either 2/2/20 or 2/5/20. (Note: Even in Sunday markets, many of the new non-food Finds don’t release until Wednesday.) These are filled out with a few new non-advertised Finds that I’ve spotted at my own store recently.

ALDI Food Finds this week

Specially Selected shrimp & crab ravioli is a special buy at ALDI this week

Look what’s back in stores this week: Specially Selected shrimp & crab ravioli for $3.99! This is pretty good, but do be aware that it’s fairly mild if you’re looking for more of a seafood taste. Last time I enjoyed mine with just a little olive oil, minced garlic, and Parmesan, mixed with some chopped cooked broccoli to add a pop of color & nutrition (and to help that little bag stretch further).

Whole cooked lobsters at ALDI

If the bit of crab in that ravioli won’t suffice, let’s take things up a notch with Fremont Fish Market whole or whole cooked lobsters for Valentine’s Day, $9.99 apiece. Fremont then keeps fish marketing through the freezer, with either Boom Boom shrimp ($5.99) or mango habanero or mustard pretzel cod ($4.49).

Continue on through the Valentine’s-themed freezer section for 7 oz North Atlantic lobster tails, $13.99, Belmont chocolate sampler or chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake, $9.99, and Specially Selected strawberry chocolate chip or chocolate mousse cups, $2.99.

Never Any pizza lunch kits at ALDI

If your kids beg for pizza Lunchables but you’re not necessarily comfortable buying them, ALDI has Never Any! Cheese or pepperoni pizza lunch kits on sale this week. $1.99 seems a little pricey for how small these are, but they are free of added nitrates/nitrites.

If you want to make your own Lunchable-like creations, by the way, check out how to make homemade Lunchables.

heart shaped cheese at ALDI for Valentine's Day

Keep on keeping on through the refrigerator section, and you’ll run into Jar Joy cheesecake desserts for $1.99, and Mama Cozzi’s macaroni & cheese deli pizzas for $4.99. As for this $3.99 heart shaped cheese, I can’t even imagine what gin & rhubarb cheese might taste like — but did a little review on the mature cheddar last year, and it was darn tasty.

Moo Tubes at ALDI

Then, as we continue romping through kid-focused foods, these seasonal Moo Tubes flavors are back: Watermelon/cherry packs at $1.55 each. (Middle School Guy quite enjoys these.) Millville peanut butter & jelly puffs are running $1.99 a box, while 15 packs of kids’ flavored PurAqua water are $2.89 and Clancy’s ranch or cheddar veggie straws are $1.95.

While we’re talking kid food, see if your ad has an “ALDI Savers” section with various price drops. Mine includes 24 oz applesauce, now $1.25. Millville fruit & grain bars, now $1.35. Millville chewy granola bars, now $1.29, or crunchy granola bars, now $1.39. Breakfast Best French Toast sticks are down to $1.95, and Millville Honey Crunch ‘n Oats cereal is down to $1.29.

liveGfree gluten free oats at ALDI

$3.89 is a great price for 32 oz gluten free oats, and you’ll find both quick and traditionally rolled oats under the liveGfree line as a special buy this week. Not gluten free? Chef’s Cupboard 8 oz panko is oddly a seasonal buy at ALDI (and quite good), so stock up this week at $1.59 a box.

On the meat & produce front, look for thick cut boneless pork chops for $2.99/lb, as well as a Tyson fresh pork roast kit at $2.75/lb. Chicken drumsticks and boneless skinless thighs are on sale in many regions, while you might also find cheap blueberries, strawberries, and mandarins.

ALDI non-Food Finds this week

Adjustable dumbbells at ALDI

We’ve swung back around to home gym and fitness products in this week’s ALDI ad, including this set of Crane adjustable dumbbells for $49.99. ALDI recently posted a little video on their FB page showing how these adjust, for the curious.

interlocking floor mats at aldi for home gyms or kids

And then there are these interlocking floor mats, at $9.99 a four pack. We had some of these (not this brand) when the kids were little, and they were super useful in setting up a play area — I’m sure they’d be lovely for exercise, too. 🙂

Other fitness Finds this week include:

  • Crane hand grips, jump rope, push-up bars, or ab wheel, $3.99 each
  • Visage bathroom scale, $12.99
  • Welby premium braces, $9.99 each
  • Crane fitness weights or weighted vest, $14.99
  • Crane stretch & tone bar, thigh toner, or tummy trimmer, $7.99
  • Crane 3- or 5- lb dumbbell set, $7.98
  • Crane men’s or women’s foam trainers, $12.99
  • Serra Ladies’ high-waisted leggings, $11.99
  • Crane Ladies’ athleisure tunic or shirt, $11.99
  • Crane exercise mat, $9.99
  • Crane sit-up bench, $39.99

So if February is the month you recommit to your 2020 fitness goals, you’re set.

Phidal storybook & magnetic drawing pad at ALDI

And for the kids, how about these $6.99 licensed storybooks + magnetic drawing pads? You’ll also find a Bee Happy 77 piece construction or igloo fort at $12.99, plus 2 lbs of kinetic sand for $8.99.

Ambiano smokeless electric grill at ALDI

Then, let’s head over to the kitchen with an Ambiano smokeless indoor grill for $29.99. Other kitchen Finds that stand out to me this week? Crofton divided glass food storage two packs, $9.99, and Crofton black & gold 5.5 quart cast iron dutch ovens, $24.99 each. You can also pick up an Ambiano convection counter oven at $49.99, as well as a Crofton banana hanger with fruit basket for $9.99.

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

You can view all of these picks plus additional weekly Finds and specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 2/2/20 or Wednesday 2/5/20.

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