Exact change at ALDI: Please!

Exact change at ALDI: Please!

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Have you spotted these signs at your ALDI lately? Just a heads up before you make your next trip — this was at my store, and similar signs have been spotted in many ALDI locations across the country:

Notice: Cash Payments Restricted. Due to the Federal Reserve coin shortage, we can only accept exact cash payments at this time. All other forms of payment (credit, debit, EBT, and contactless) are unaffected and can be accepted as normal. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Good thing they started taking credit cards a few years back, is all I have to say..!

Federal Reserve coin shortage?

What’s up with the Federal Reserve coin shortage? Well, the months-long lockdown has caused coins to pile up unused rather than be recirculated through the system: Some bank lobbies have been closed, people aren’t using those coin sorting kiosks in grocery stores, and many businesses have been closed or have had limited hours.

With fewer coins in circulation, banks are receiving less supply — which means that they have less available for stores looking to restock their cash drawers.

Grocery stores are limiting cash transactions

handful of change -- coin shortage at ALDI

ALDI is far from the only grocery store to limit cash transactions or ask for exact change lately; this is a nationwide issue. So, it might be time to cash in any coins you have been saving!

And, be sure to bring a supply of change for exact cash payment — or avoid the issue by using electronic payment — the next time you shop at ALDI.

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