Easy Home Bamboo Expandable Spice Rack, plus how I save on spices!

Easy Home Bamboo Expandable Spice Rack, plus how I save on spices!

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Welcome back to our irregular series featuring: Recurring ALDI Finds that have already found a home in Rachel’s house. Up today, this super-handy Easy Home bamboo expandable spice rack — because I just love mine. This new week’s upcoming ALDI Finds show several Easy Home bamboo kitchen organizers at $7.99 each, including this very same little expandable shelf. (And on the bamboo note, their nice Crofton bamboo utensils with silicone handles will also be back this week, at just $1.99.)

I’ve been slowly working towards getting my kitchen (and my home!) organized, and you know how it’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying all sorts of products to help you organize, rather than actually doing the work? So I’ve really been trying to limit my purchases to those few specific items that I already have a home and a need for, rather than buying products and trying to use those to guide the organizational projects. 

This little expandable spice shelf fits the bill nicely, because my love for spices and seasonings means that they’ve always been slightly out of control in my pantry. I actually bought mine on 75% off clearance the last time ALDI had it available, so it ran me all of $1.99 at the time (and totally worth every penny, lol).

Since it’s expandable, the Easy Home bamboo spice shelf slides open or inward to fit whatever space you have available; it opens out to a little over 22.5″. The tiers are also big enough to hold spices of varying sizes, although you’ll want to put the larger ones on the top shelf so that they don’t block the others. Now, I can find any spice I need so much more easily!

Full disclosure: NO, this little shelf does not hold all of my spices… just the most commonly used ones…

Spices of all shapes and sizes

What’s kind of funny is that the stock photo of this expandable bamboo shelf on the ALDI site doesn’t actually show ALDI spices. I’m going to guess that it’s the generic photo from their supplier, but this makes me feel a bit better about my own hodge-podge of brands. I do wish that ALDI carried a wider variety of seasonings, but that’s one of the reasons why we are almost all ALDI around here, right?

Where do I get my spices?

I pick up affordable spices and seasonings all over the place, including ALDI. You’ll see a couple of Stonemill spices in the photos here, and I also watch for their seasonal spices around holidays and other events, because they tend to be fairly affordable.

Otherwise, I like to shop for spices at:

  • Amazon. Spices are often a great price on Amazon, especially when you use subscribe & save. Watch for coupons to clip there, as well. On this note: My backup jar of everything bagel seasoning is all ready to go in the pantry… and it’s not actually from Trader Joe’s, because it’s way cheaper per ounce on Amazon. 😉
  • Clearance. Always watch for spices on clearance, especially seasonally as stores clear out overstock from baking holidays like Easter and Thanksgiving. They usually still have quite nice expiration dates.
  • Costco. Everything from cinnamon to sea salt to taco seasoning is a great buy at Costco, if you’ll go through their larger containers fast enough.
  • Local produce and ethnic stores. Shop the ethnic aisle for affordable options; they’re often much cheaper than their McCormick counterparts.

I also grow a few herbs in my garden every summer, then dry rosemary and more for use all winter. (You can also do this with most leftover fresh herbs you buy for a recipe and end up not using.) Here’s a super-easy way to dry your own herbs in the microwave.

New to ALDI Special Buys?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. Here’s how to tell if something is a limited time special buy ALDI Find (from their in-store signage).

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