Creamy Smoked Sausage and White Bean Chili: An all ALDI recipe

Creamy Smoked Sausage and White Bean Chili: An all ALDI recipe

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I can’t even tell you all how much I’m in the mood for comfort food this cold and dreary November. Case in point: Today’s creamy smoked sausage and white bean chili, an easy ALDI recipe. I’ve been eating chili leftovers for lunch every day this week, but am not even remotely tired of it — In fact, I’m actually thinking of throwing together another batch this weekend to keep this party going. 🙂

Both boys here are also fans, so maybe I actually had better make up another pot before they disappear the rest of mine!

Even better: Every single ingredient you need for this hearty white chili can be found at ALDI, from Parkview Polska kielbasa, to Happy Farms cream cheese, to Pueblo Lindo chopped green chiles.

Hope you enjoy this deliciously different twist on more traditional chili recipes; it goes well with everything from toast to tortilla chips. You don’t even need to top with cheese, since the cream cheese in the recipe already gives it a tangy creaminess that smooths out the underlying heat.

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You can substitute smoked sausage, turkey smoked sausage, and Polska kielbasa interchangeably in these recipes — this is such an easy protein that punches up any dinner, and just one small package packs in so much flavor.

So many choices, such a long winter ahead of us…! What’s your own favorite dinner recipe using smoked sausage or Polska kielbasa?

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