Clancy’s Tortilla Chips and Cheap Avocados: My favorite ALDI sales this week!

Clancy’s Tortilla Chips and Cheap Avocados: My favorite ALDI sales this week!

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Welcome to our weekly highlight of the best sale items in this week’s ALDI ad! Check your local ALDI ad here and let me know your own favorites this week, too.

My favorite sale items from this week’s ALDI ad

Two favorite ALDI sale items this week:

Clancy’s restaurant style tortilla chips are on sale for just $.99. This is awesome, given the price creep that’s been going on at my store (they’ve gone from $1.19 every day price all the way up to $1.69 over the last year). So, I’m going to be stocking up on these to last me out until their expiration date, because they’re my favorite. I prefer them over name brand any day.

Bonus: Use your Clancy’s tortilla chips to make a batch of loaded baked chicken nachos, which are perfect both for game day or for a fun change-of-pace dinner.

And, speaking of two great tastes that go great together… Avocados are on sale for $.49 this week. This price I do know will vary regionally; they’ll be $.59, for instance, in some areas of the country — but, either way, a fantastic price. And I always love that ALDI avocados are the nice sized ones, rather than the teensy ones that are all pit that tend to go on sale at my local produce store.

Can you freeze avocados?

Oh yes, yes you can freeze avocados! You can also make homemade guacamole for freezing; it thaws out super well, as long as you don’t put tomatoes in it until you’re ready to serve.

A note on ALDI ad markets and dates

These sales are valid for the current week’s ad, running 1/20-1/26 in Sunday ad markets and 1/23-1/29 in Wednesday ad markets. Prices, especially produce prices, may vary by region. Be sure always to check against your local ALDI ad.

3 thoughts on “Clancy’s Tortilla Chips and Cheap Avocados: My favorite ALDI sales this week!”

  • Hi! I love Aldi as well!! My favorite finds this week were the figs cookies for $.59 the $1.49 strawberries
    and the whole wheat pasta for $1.09 ?

  • I LOVE Clancy’s chips. I found the Baked BBQ and they are a new favorite! Thanks for teaching me All Things Aldi. I love this site! I’m not as intimidated by Aldi shopping anymore. 🙂

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