Choceur Belgian Chocolates Gift Card Holders = The Best Of Both Worlds

Choceur Belgian Chocolates Gift Card Holders = The Best Of Both Worlds

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Here’s one of my favorite ALDI Finds of the week, be it ever so small. Sometimes, it really is the little things…

You know how sometimes a gift card really is the best gift option, but you also want to have something to wrap so that your gift doesn’t appear so flat and paltry?

Choceur Belgian chocolate gift card holders from ALDI

Ta-da! I may have picked up a little stack of these Choceur premium Belgian chocolates gift card holders from ALDI for a few people in my life, because how perfect are they at just $1.99 each.

Sing it with me — it’s the BEST… of both worlds…

Plus, who wouldn’t want a little chocolate with their gift card? I know I would. 🙂 You know that it’s going to be good if it’s ALDI chocolate! So perfect for teacher gifts, too.

seasonal gift card kiosk at ALDI checkout lanes

To make things even easier, look for seasonal gift card kiosks tucked in by the checkout lanes at your local ALDI store through the holidays.

Want to save on the gift cards you’re tucking into your Belgian chocolate card holders? Check out the gift cards section of the today’s deals post, which I update each morning over on sister site Mashup Mom… (I also picked up a couple of gift cards with credit card points this year, which makes them feel free to me!)

ALDI gift cards and chocolate = a tower of treats

Although to continue our “best of both worlds” theme, what better gift could there be, really, than an ALDI gift card + ALDI chocolate? (Plus, look at the portion control here. I should probably gift one of these to myself…)

Anyway, just thought I’d share this little gift-y idea in case you missed these Choceur gift card holders tucked away in the amazingly overstocked Aisle of Shame this holiday season. There’s so much going on over there right now, that I’m glad I spotted them myself! Enjoy.

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