Chicken Drumsticks Southwest Skillet — An almost All ALDI recipe!

Chicken Drumsticks Southwest Skillet — An almost All ALDI recipe!

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Hey hey! This week we have so many good sales at ALDI — including chicken drumsticks, sweet bell peppers, and even a $14.99 12″ cast iron skillet. What do all of these things have in common? Well, you need them all to make today’s Chicken Drumsticks Southwest Skillet recipe, of course.

This colorful cast iron skillet recipe matches cheesy chicken drumsticks with flavorful peppers, corns, and beans for a family-pleasing all-in-one dinner.

Of course, you can read and print the whole Chicken Drumsticks Southwest Skillet recipe over at Mashup Mom. It’s so easy, and jam packed with Southwest flavor! The only ingredient you’ll have to pick up outside of ALDI is smoked paprika, and we already talked about stocking your pantry with spices in last week’s vegetarian enchiladas verdes recipe. 🙂

If you miss the cast iron skillet sale at ALDI

Every cook should own a good cast iron skillet, because they’re so versatile, add such a nice flavor to your food, and go straight from the stove top to the oven. If you miss the ALDI sale, you can pick up a decently priced, well reviewed cast iron skillet over on Amazon, or check out this one at Walmart.

Use your new cast iron skillet to make more almost all ALDI recipes, like this easy black bean, tomato, & spinach frittata, or perhaps this baked lemon chicken with asparagus & mushrooms.

What do you like to make in yours?

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