Cheap pumpkins at ALDI continue… plus pet costumes, cute rain boots, and more ALDI Finds!

Cheap pumpkins at ALDI continue… plus pet costumes, cute rain boots, and more ALDI Finds!

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Cheap pumpkins continue at ALDI this week — they’re $2.49 each in my ad, but price may vary across the country. We picked one up yesterday and Bad Kitty Lucy has already claimed it as her own, witchy cat that she is… As always, you can read more on the adventures of The Notorious BKL and Friends in their intermittent Caturday series.

Here are a few more of my favorite ALDI Finds and sale items from the new week’s ad starting either 10/6/19 or 10/9/19 (although, even in Sunday markets, many of the new non-food Finds don’t release until Wednesday).

ALDI Food Finds this week

Barissimo pumpkin spice cold brew coffee with almond milk at ALDI is dairy free.

Beyond the cheap Halloween pumpkins at ALDI, everything else pumpkin and pumpkin spice continues — including the seasonal availability of $.79 Baker’s Corner canned pumpkin. New additions on the pumpkin spice front this week include:

  • Millville pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes, 2.99
  • Bake Shop pumpkin muffins, $2.99
  • Dairy free Barissimo pumpkin spice cold brew coffee with almondmilk, $2.29
  • Friendly Farms Delightfully Pure pumpkin spice coffee creamer, $1.99
  • Millville pumpkin pecan instant oatmeal, $2.49

And as always, browse the shelves for more not listed in the ad.

White pumpkins at ALDI this week at $3.99 each!

I also spotted white pumpkins on the shelf at my ALDI, at $3.99 each. These weren’t by the more traditional orange pumpkins, but around the other side by the onions — so walk around the produce section to see if your store also is carrying these.

Speaking of produce, many areas of the country are featuring red grapes, Gala apples, and cauliflower on sale this week. As always, prices can vary by region.

L'Oven Fresh zero net carbs bread on the shelf at ALDI

And look what popped back up at my store this week: Keto folks, rejoice in L’Oven Fresh zero net carb bread for $3.49. Probably due to popular demand, ALDI stocked its zero carb bread this time with a regular buy shelf tag — so it’s no longer a special buy and should be consistently available in stores! (Here again is how to tell if an ALDI product is a special buy from its shelf tag.)

Barissimo exotic coffee K-Cups on the shelf at ALDI

If the pumpkin spice cold brew isn’t doing it for you this week, also look for Barissimo exotic blend single serve coffee, at $14.89 for 36 of them. A few more random food Finds today include:

  • Celebrity goat cheese medallions, $3.69
  • SimplyNature organic beef smoked or green chili cheese sausage, $4.99
  • Mama Cozzi’s breakfast deli pizza, $5.99
  • Priano 90 oz lasagna Italiano, $9.99
  • 32 oz Specially Selected pure maple syrup, $13.89
  • Benner premium green teas, $1.99

… and more!

ALDI Who Needs the Bagel seasoning vs Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning

Oh, and last but not least: Stonemill Who Needs the Bagel? seasoning is featured in this week’s ad — so be sure to take a look for it if you haven’t yet spotted it on the shelf at your store.

Here’s my earlier review of Who Needs the Bagel? seasoning vs. Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel seasoning.

ALDI non-Food Finds this week

Halloween dog toys at ALDI shaped like giant candy treats

Pet-related Halloween fun at ALDI this week includes:

  • Heart to Tail Halloween dog toy sets (shaped like giant candy…), $8.99
  • Heart to Tail Halloween cat scratching playhouse, $7.99
  • Heart to Tail pet Halloween hoodie costume, $5.99

More for the pets: Find a Heart to Tail retractable dog leash for $7.99. (The cat scratching playhouses, by the way are always a hit with our three bad kitties here, and we’ve had them last up to a year.)

ALDI Finds for pet owners — or, you know, for anyone — run the gamut this week. On the home front, get organized with a 4 shelf Workzone tall cabinet for $59.99, or Easy Home 4 tier accessory shelf for $9.99. Or, get safer with a Kidde smoke detector, fire extinguisher, or carbon monoxide alarm at $14.99 each, as well as an Easy Home security assortment for $7.99 each or motion-sensing LED light for $9.99 — and a First Alert waterproof fire same, $22.99. On the kitchen front, find everything from a big Huntington Home comfort kitchen mat to a Crofton 14 piece latching food storage set.

Serra Ladies tall rain boots

And aren’t these Serra Ladies tall rain boots the cutest? Just $18.99 — and also look for children’s rain boots for $12.99 a pair as well as umbrellas ($6.99 adult, $4.99 kids). Halloween or Fall Fest socks for adults will run you $1.99 a 2 pack, 2-pack Serra Ladies boot socks are $4.99, and 2 packs of Lily & Dan children’s outdoor socks are $2.99.

What’s up with ALDI Finds?

ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can! What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

You can view all of these picks plus additional weekly Finds and specials using the ALDI Finds tabs across the top of their weekly ads page, but note that pricing and availability may vary by region. These sale prices are from the ad starting Sunday 10/6/19 or Wednesday 10/9/19.

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