Caprese Chicken + Zucchini Skillet, an all ALDI recipe!

Caprese Chicken + Zucchini Skillet, an all ALDI recipe!

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How about a cheesy, flavor-packed, all-in-one, cast iron skillet recipe today? This Caprese Chicken + Zucchini Skillet is all of that and more, taking advantage of seasonal summer produce and mashing that up with old-fashioned comfort food fun. There’s nothing like a one pot meal to help save dinner, and this filling skillet has all the protein and veggies you need to feed a family of four.

So, full disclosure here: I did use fresh garden tomatoes and zucchini in this Caprese skillet recipe — BUT, you can easily find both of these veggies, as well as all of the other ingredients you’ll need, over at your local ALDI.

Note, though, that both the balsamic vinegar and the fresh mozzarella are seasonal in some markets. Balsamic vinegar you should keep stocked in your pantry for all sorts of recipes, and, as for that mozzarella…

Priano fresh mozzarella balls are just so good! If these are not “currently in season” at your store, however, go ahead and substitute another mozzarella in this recipe. And here’s a tip for you: To make slicing this soft cheese a little easier (and to help keep it from squishing up or falling apart), just throw it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before cutting it.

This keto friendly Caprese chicken + zucchini skillet recipe is also naturally low carb and gluten free. You can read, print, and enjoy the full recipe over at sister site Mashup Mom.

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