Broiled Pork Chops & Broccoli: An all ALDI recipe

Broiled Pork Chops & Broccoli: An all ALDI recipe

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Do you have 30 minutes and a pack of thin sliced pork chops? Well, do I have the recipe for you, then! Broiled Pork Chops & Broccoli uses the power of Parmesan to elevate the flavor of this super simple, gluten free, keto friendly weeknight dinner recipe.

broiled Parmesan pork chops and broccoli on a plate

Find every one of the seven ingredients in this easy 30 minute meal over at your local ALDI, where thin sliced pork chops often go on sale. This is just so good, for being so simple, you guys! The pork chops, broccoli, and cheese brown up perfectly in just a few minutes under the broiler, while the quick cooking time helps avoid drying out the thin cut pork.

View and print the full broiled pork chops & broccoli recipe over at sister site Mashup Mom.

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