Berry keepers, breakfast bowls, and pickle chips: ALDI Finds 7/28/21

Berry keepers, breakfast bowls, and pickle chips: ALDI Finds 7/28/21

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Look what’s back in ALDI Finds for the week of 7/28/21: Two pack Crofton berry or produce keepers, $8.99. Mine from a couple of years ago are still going strong, although do note: If your child puts the bottom tray on the lower dishwasher rack, it will warp. So, I’m down one. 🙂

Other kitchen and Home Finds this week include:

  • Easy Home evaporative air cooler, $79.99
  • Crofton insulated to-go tumbler, $6.99
  • Huntington Home 20″x28″ Smartloft bed pillow, $5.99

Aloe vera plants are also back in stores; see price in store. (Mine from a while back is still hanging on, despite my over-watering and the cats’ persistent attacks…)

aloe vera plants at aldi

But wait, there’s more — Read on for all the best ALDI Finds of the week! It’s a smaller ad this time, but still some nice special buys to be found.

product delays at ALDI

Before shopping for Finds this week, though, do visit the ALDI Finds product delays page. Because of shipping delays, certain advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Lots of stores are having trouble getting products in lately, and ALDI is no exception. (My store has even been late in getting in a number of items that don’t even appear on the product delays page. Have you been seeing this as well?)

Finding the Finds

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

As always, prices may vary by store and by region. Read on for 25 more of the top ALDI Finds of the week of 7/28/21 (or Find some on 7/25/21, in Sunday ad markets).

Top 25 ALDI Finds of the week

breakfast bowls at ALDI

Here, in no particular order, are 25 more of my top ALDI Finds for the week of 7/28/21. Then be sure to read on for special groups of Finds this week: Burgers & fries, pickle-ish treats, and (as always): Pizza.

  1. PurAqua flavored water juice boxes, $1.99
  2. Sartori shredded Parmesan or Asiago 8 oz, $3.99
  3. Breakfast Best sausage or bacon breakfast bowl, $1.85
  4. Sea Queen large raw peeled & de-veined Wild Gulf Shrimp 12 oz, $6.89
  5. Specially Selected lobster mac & cheese or shrimp & lobster bake, $6.99
  6. Sundae Shoppe fusion ice cream bars, $2.99
  7. Clancy’s cheese balls, $1.99
  8. Clancy’s sea salt veggie straws multi-pack, $2.95
  9. Simply Nature granny smith or blueberry applesauce cups, $1.79
  10. Benner sparkling tea, $3.49
  11. Fresh Atlantic salmon with Greek herbs, $8.99/lb.
  12. Pineapple mimosa, see price in store
  13. Dannon Danimals smoothies, $1.99
  14. Beach bag with swim pouch, $14.99
  15. Lily & Dan children’s trekking sandals, $9.99
  16. Serra Ladies 2-pack capri leggings, $8.99
  17. Boys 8-pack or girls’ 10-pack underwear, $9.99
  18. SOHL children’s arm chair, $19.99
  19. Huntington Home character backrest, $14.99
  20. Smithsonian education rug, $19.99
  21. Visage hair elastics or accessories, $2.99
  22. Heart to Tail medium collapsible pet pool, $12.99
  23. The Clever Factory good grades workbook, $4.99
  24. Hinkler my big book of stickers, $3.99
  25. Bendon large magic ink coloring pad, $4.99

What are you thinking about picking up this week?

Burgers and fries, anyone?

hatch chile burger patties at ALDI

Check your frozen section for Cattlemen’s Ranch Hatch chile or Srirarcha seasoned beef patties. These are 2 lb boxes (each containing six patties), at $7.49 each.

spiral fries at aldi

While we’re on the topic: Seasoned spiral fries ($1.99 for 28 oz) might go nicely with the hatch chile burger patties pictured above, don’t you think?

Are You Picklish?

dill pickle cashews at aldi

Pickle-y Finds this week include Southern Grove 100 calorie cashew packs (available in salt & pepper or dill pickle), $2.99 a box, as well as Clancy’s dill pickle potato chips, $1.69.

New ALDI Pizza-ish Finds this week

cheesy garlic flatbread at aldi

A couple of pizza and pizza-adjacent Finds this week, starting with Mama Cozzi’s cheesy garlic flatbread, $3.99. Note that the ad shows this as “deli” flatbread, but my store had them in the frozen section — you might need to check both places. Also look for Mama Cozzi’s single serve microwavable pizza, $2.79.


ALDI Finds are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can. What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or from the ad starting 7/25/21 in Sunday ad markets, 7/28/21 in Wednesday ad markets.

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