April 2020 ALDI Safety Updates

April 2020 ALDI Safety Updates

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Heads up: If you haven’t been to ALDI lately, they’ve made some temporary changes for the health & safety of customers and employees — including store occupancy limits and more.

ALDI Safety Updates, April 2020

Find the announcement on the ALDI USA Facebook page, which reads:

  1. We will be limiting the number of people in our stores to support social distancing.
  2. Medical professionals will receive access to the front of lines outside.
  3. Please, 1 person per cart. Exceptions will be made for those who are vulnerable and in need of assistance and those with young children.
  4. We will be making all aisles one-way.
  5. We will begin conducting health screenings for employees.

You can read the longer April 8, 2020 safety update on their site here. Of particular note: “New Store Occupancy Limits:¬†Effective Thursday, April 9th, we will limit the number of people inside our stores to approximately five customers per 1,000 square feet.”

Have you shopped ALDI since this started?

ALDI cart with a quarter in it

I haven’t been to ALDI since they implemented these new in-store changes. Last Wednesday, though, they did have someone outside wiping down and handing out unlocked carts (no quarter needed!). My store also had the one-way aisle signs in place, which no one was paying attention to, but this will probably be easier to manage with fewer people in the store.

How are your stores doing with implementing and enforcing these new guidelines? Have you had to wait to go into your store, given the new occupancy limits?

Read the earlier April 2, 2020 safety update here.

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  • Yes I’ve been there since than i have yet to wait outside to go into mine. I live in IL and irregardless of all the uncertainty i love shopping at my Aldis. I have a jewel close by and only do a handful of shopping there and have stopped its always just to busy for me at least right now.

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