An ALDI Cat Scratching Playhouse Review

An ALDI Cat Scratching Playhouse Review

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This Caturday, I thought it might be both fun and topical to do a little review of the special buy Heart to Tail Cat Scratching Playhouse from ALDI.

Confession: This isn’t actually the first time we’ve picked up one of these cat houses! ALDI comes out with different seasonal designs every few months, and I generally indulge the cats with a new house of their very own once a year or so.

A cat house gift for your furry friends

cat scratching playhouse from aldi holiday version

Middle School Guy was very insistent that the three bad kitties receive a gift this year, so: HOLIDAY cat scratch house, it was. Yes, I only got one house; they’re just going to have to share. 🙂

These are simple to assemble

assemble the cat house from aldi

These cardboard cat scratcher houses from ALDI are fairly simple to put together, although you’ll need to watch out for interference on the field. The cats, of course, must supervise the process to ensure that everything runs smoothly — and, to show their impatience at how long it takes.

Just punch out the little slots along each side of the house, and assemble using the easy tabs. The cardboard scratching pads fit inside the house… and, what you do with the catnip is up to you. This cat house is a fun project either to do together with younger kids, or to let older kids assemble on their own.

The price remains the same

$7.99 cat scratch house

My last cat scratching house purchase was apparently in April. These are fairly sturdy for what they are, and generally do last longer than a few months here — but, this last one just didn’t make the move to our new home in August. Do watch out if you have a larger chonky cat, though: Our two smaller ones are just fine, but big old Jeremy cat just barely fits.

I picked up our very first ALDI cat scratch house for Chanukah in 2017 — which is how I can tell you that they are still the same $7.99 price. (Back in 2017 they came with an additional toy, but now they just come with the catnip and scratching pads.) Bad Kitty Gnocchi is happily scratching away in there as I type, and I will tell you that those scratching pads don’t tend to last as long as the rest of the house.

Watching the cats react differently to the catnip, by the way, is always interesting. One cat is a teetotaler — he just sniffs it, and walks away. One cat simply gets happy. But, the Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy? She. Gets. Mean. She always starts picking fights with the other cats and trying to bite everyone. Not sure what that’s about, but now she only gets catnip once a year, when I pick up one of these new houses for them.

Worth the investment

kid in a cat scratching house

All three cats are quite happy with their new home. No, Middle School Guy doesn’t fit — but Gnocchi likes to sit in there and groom his hair through the door on occasion.

And yes. This is technically a glorified cardboard box… but, since it’s entertained both the cats and the kids for a couple of days straight now, I consider this an eight bucks well spent. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for cats, look no further than your local ALDI this year!

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